Czy żakiet i marynarka to to samo? De Marco Czym rozni się marynarka od żakietu?

Are jacket and blazer the same thing?

What is the difference between a blazer and a jacket? De Marco Are a jacket and a blazer the same thing?

Women’s blazers

What is the difference between a blazer and a jacket?

The blazer and the jacket are two different items of clothing, although both can be part of formal, formal or business casual styling. The blazer is a typical outerwear item, taken from the men’s wardrobe. It can be worn alone with a variety of trousers, skirts or shorts. A blazer is an elegant replacement for a jacket, windbreaker, catana or jumper.

The jacket usually reaches at least halfway to the hips. Naturally, just as among e.g. katanas there are denim boleros, which are also called katanas. Short blazers are currently popular among blazers. The jacket has a characteristic decorative reverse. The width and pattern of the lapels depend on the current fashion trends. An important feature of the jacket is the neat finish on the inside, as it is often worn unbuttoned. It is usually fastened with buttons, usually one to three.

Jackets are made from a variety of fabrics, such as wool, viscose or cotton, with the possibility of blends. They are, by definition, garment fabrics with a dense weave that allows for complex manufacturing techniques. The blazers are often padded and fitted with shoulder pads, giving a neat look and emphasising professionalism in casual styling. A women’s blazer paired with trousers creates a women’s suit, and paired with a pencil skirt creates a women’s costume as a business uniform.

Are blazers fashionable?

A rather popular and fashionable style is the ower size jacket composed with an airy light dress. This romantic creation is taken from numerous film adaptations. In which, after a wonderful afternoon spent in love, the main character gallantly lends his jacket to the cold and shivering woman of his choice. The vulnerable and delicate beauty is, of course, clad only in a summer dress. With progress and the change in women’s position, today’s ladies are more prudent and can take care of an oversized jacket for an airy outfit themselves. ;) This extravagant set is recommended for young tall slim girls. 

Women’s suits a hit this season!

Women’s suits combining a jacket with dedicated trousers have become insanely fashionable.

Today, this style reigns supreme at business galas communions, christenings, conferences, business visits. It is an elegant and comfortable style for press conferences, debates in front of the cameras and reliable for business and diplomatic meetings. The professional and dominance-enhancing creation in intense colour is the hit of the current season


What is the difference between a blazer and a jacket?

The jacket, on the other hand, allows more freedom in cut, the way it is fastened, length, embellishments and sleeve lengths. It can be fastened at the front, at the side at the back, with a zip, with buttons, hooks or hooks. It is characterised by greater variety in every respect. It is a part of a wardrobe with a decidedly more feminine character. Allowing a variety of cuts aimed at correcting the silhouette, slimming and emphasising feminine assets. It is often designed as part of women’s ensembles that include skirts, trousers or a basic dress without embellishments.

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An example of a women’s short zipped jacket paired with an airy skirt or elegant trousers.

The combination of jacket with trousers is called a trouser.

Sets without a blouse are called suits, in which the jacket is worn directly over the underwear. On the other hand, ensembles where a blouse or top is necessary are called costumes. A costume can consist of either a jacket and skirt, or a women’s jacket and skirt.

What is the difference between a blazer and a jacket?

Some comparative examples:

On the left, an exclusive formal suit Maura II with a beautiful unfussy cut. Luxurious red women’s set jacket with skirt.

Left Red Erna III women’s suit women’s suit in red with a three-button blazer paired with wide trousers.

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Left Fashionable Erna set with waistcoat Fashionable women’s three-piece suit jacket waistcoat and wide high-waisted trousers.

On the right Sumi Women’s Costume an elegant formal women’s jacket costume with discreet hook fastening blouse and pencil skirt.

On the left, a fashionable women’s suit  Erna II with wide-leg high-waisted trousers, long blazer and silk blouse.

De Marco Women’s formal styling in a fashionable green colour.

On the right, an elegant formal Lisa I suit for women. Jacket complete with pencil skirt, chic styling for work and formal meetings.

On the left, we present the Arletta II suit

Jewel buttons jacket with 3/4 sleeves and Queen Anne neckline complete with finesse skirt

On the right, an ash blazer/coat Lili’s short coat

For this style, both the name jacket and short coat are correct, as it bears the characteristics of both.

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To summarise: a blazer and a jacket are different items of clothing. The blazer is a more specific type of outerwear, while the jacket gives you more freedom in shape, length and juxtaposition with other elements of your outfit.


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