Stylizacje na komunię dla mamy 2022

How to dress for your child’s communion photos, inspiration from De Marco

Styles for mum’s communion 2022

Comfort, simplicity and chic. These are the qualities of the ideal outfit sought for a child’s Holy Communion. How to skilfully combine the comfort of wearing them with the elegance and solemnity of a First Communion celebration?What to wear to Communion to look beautiful and original while feeling comfortable?

The Isabella skirt set, is a perfect example of,
that you can look phenomenal while feeling comfortable,
even during special occasions.

Short jacket – always in fashion

A jacket is a kind of clothing base that never goes out of fashion. The character and overall expression of the whole outfit depends on what we put together with it.Celebrations such as Holy Communion, which culminate in ceremonies held in the Church, require a creation that expresses respect and reflects the seriousness of the event.The Izabela set from our Jasmine collection fits these needs perfectly.The jacket subtly exposes the beauty of a woman’s figure while providing a garment suitable for attending religious ceremonies.

The Short, waist-length blazer of the Izabela set beautifully builds the silhouette
by evening out the proportions.

Casual elegance

For religious ceremonies, the maxi length skirt allows you to build a formal styling, which at the same time will provide comfort and a sense of freedom.The combination of a jacquard jacket of a more official character, with the lightness and femininity characterising both the skirt and the trousers of the Izabela line, make this set a worthwhile proposal for official family celebrations.

Universal set

Styles for mum’s communion 2022

More photos and inspiration:De Marco online shop

Exceptional celebrations, such as christenings, anniversaries or just Holy Communion, are special moments. So it is worth planning a unique creation for this occasion, which at the same time we will be able to use in the future.Such possibilities are given to us by the Izabela sets from our Jasmine collection.

The Isabella set besides a great styling for Communion or Christening,
will also provide us with the possibility to build other styling, for different occasions.
Both the original jacquard jacket and the skirt or trousers will go well with other items of clothing. This way, by complementing them with accessories appropriate for the occasion, we can create new outfits with a different character.

The Isabella set with trousers spreading from the waistline downwards –
longing and slimming the silhouette.

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More photos and inspiration:De Marco online shop





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