Garsonki i kostiumy damskie odzież dyplomatyczna dla kobiet

Women’s suits and costumes, diplomatic clothing for women.

De Marco women’s suits and costumes, professional diplomatic wear for elegant women.

Sapphire formal styling.

A classic and elegant colour. Thanks to Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, and before that Lady Diana’s, it is associated with the British monarchy. Sapphire is the perfect colour for both everyday outfits and, above all, for evening and business wear.Does sapphire go with women’s outfits? What type of beauty does it go with?

Sapphire meaning what kind of sapphire?

The colour sapphire is a derivative colour of dark blue and green. It is, of course, most strongly associated with the coveted gemstone sapphire, although the mineral does, after all, take on other colours in nature (including white, pink, red, violet and even black).Of how highly sapphire has been valued for centuries, let the fact that it is mentioned in the Bible, in the context of, for example, Aaron’s pectoral, or sacred breastplate, or the foundation of Jerusalem in the Apocalypse of St John, bears witness. Of the twelve layers beneath the city wall – it was the sapphire that was to be the second in order.

Member of the Board of the Małopolska Region – Ms Iwona Gibas,
in a sapphire woman’s Maura costume, during the adjudication of the traditional Easter cupcake competition, at the Wolbrom Community Centre.

Dla kogo kolor szafirowy?

The colour sapphire is one of the favourite colours of the Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton. Her engagement ring, which she received from her husband’s mother, the much-loved Lady Diana, has enthralled the world and become a model of contemporary elegance.Duchess Catherine, whose beauty indicates a Cool Summer colour type, looks beautiful not only in jewellery but also in sapphire-coloured creations.

This colour, however, is definitely not exclusive to this type of colour, as can be seen by the fact that it also blends in beautifully with the beauty of the jewel’s previous owner, the Queen of Human Hearts, as Diana was called.

Women’s suits and costumes diplomatic clothing for women. The colour blonde blends beautifully with sapphire,as is the case with our client Ms Iwona Gibas.

The sapphire colour is extremely versatile and suits different types of beauty. Blondes, brunettes, grey-haired and even redheads will look exceptional in it. The exception is the faded summer look with earthy skin, mousey blonde hair and grey or beady eyes.

Sapphire costume for important meetings, lectures and speeches.

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The versatility of the sapphire colour is not only expressed in its perfect match with different beauty types.

The colour looks beautiful in an evening look, cocktail dress or women’s costume. It can also be successfully used in more casual styles.

An elegant suit in diplomacy conveys a clear message of confidence, seriousness and authority. Sapphire as well as intense dark cyan green inspire confidence, which is something that elegant women of Polish diplomacy should remember.

Sapphire is a versatile colour, looking great in business attire, as a ladies’ costume or diplomatic suit.
The colour attracts and focuses attention. Spot “Citizens’ Budget of the Malopolska Region”.

Our Maura costume, which was also chosen by our wonderful client, Mrs Iwona Gibas, is a perfect example of a creation that will be suitable for family celebrations, such as weddings or wedding anniversaries, as well as important professional appearances.

Sapphire formal and diplomatic styles from our collection, are a great option for women who want a creation that is elegant, yet distinctive and unusual.

The Maura costume, from our collection, is a great option for women who want a creation that is elegant, yet distinctive and unusual.

The unique, feminine stand-up collar accentuates the neckline beautifully, while allowing you to present yourself with dignity and elegance.The use of original, widened sleeves and a tasteful decorative hook-and-eye fastening makes this style impossible to ignore.

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