Jak ubrać się na publiczne wystąpienie? Jak nosić krótki żakiet? Najmodniejsze szyte na miarę damskie komplety wizytowe

How to wear a short jacket? The most fashionable tailored women’s formal ensembles

How do you look good for a public appearance? First of all, pay attention to your styling. Elegant short jackets How to wear and what to combine with?

Elegant short jackets from De Marco

Looking for an elegant look for an important event? Do you like timelessly stylish classics that will impress both at work and on special occasions? De Marco is well aware of women’s needs, where high quality and comfort count just as much as elegance and timeless style. Here is our modern formal set with short jacket and maxi skirt from De Marco that will meet all your expectations!

Jak ubrać się na publiczne wystąpienie? Jak nosić krótki żakiet? Najmodniejsze szyte na miarę damskie komplety wizytowe

The most important ceremonies and events, require a unique, elegant styling. The elegant colour duo of white and navy blue is an exclusive creation that always stands out. A perfect example of this is the bespoke De Marco outfit chosen by our client, Member of the Management Board of the Malopolska Region, Ms Iwona Gibas, for the Alwernia Community Day celebrations. Wearing our De Marco two-piece formal set, with a short jacket and pleated skirt, Ms Iwona received the much-deserved Henryk Cyganik Award of the Alwernia Municipality in the category of Patron of Culture.

De Marco short formal jacket – what to wear with it?

The short jacket is a timeless and extremely versatile piece of women’s wardrobe. It is worth having in your wardrobe, as it is distinguished by its versatility and universal character. At the same time, it is a part of an outfit that never goes out of fashion, looking perfect with both trousers and skirts. How to wear a short blazer to always look good?You can combine it freely with casual, everyday styling elements (e.g. straight, tailored trousers or a classic, straight pencil skirt), as well as create formal daytime, cocktail and even evening outfits. It all depends on the colours, accessories or fabrics used.

Elegant women’s sets with skirt, women’s short jacket.

Eleganckie stylizacje Sz. Pani Iwony Gibas. Eleganckie komplety damskie ze spódnicą

Ms Iwona Gibas’s styling – a combination of an exclusive short jacket in a warm shade of white and a comfortable and elegant yet flared pleated skirt, is a look ideal for cultural events and outdoor events. De Marco’s creation offers exceptional comfort, convenience and breathability, while being a stylish and very elegant proposition.
The fashionable, classic short-sleeved jacket is also a perfect proposition for a casual meeting with friends, an outing to the mall or a walk. Simply pair it with jeans or casual trousers – achieving a casual yet elegant styling in the casual chic trend.

Fashionably for evening and work. De Marco two-piece formal sets

Women’s short jacket to skirt

De Marco’s two-piece formal set, based on a short jacket and a flared skirt, is the perfect styling for a variety of occasions, whether for work or more formal events. Made to order at Atelier De Marco, the short jacket is a slightly fitted model with a comfortable yet discreet zip fastening. The bright colour scheme provides a radiant and relaxed look. The clearly emphasised shoulder line of this cut makes the jacket also perfect as a base for elegant sets for work, business styling, the office, conferences or symposiums.

Gdzie kupić ponad czasowe eleganckie ubranie damskie? De Marco to polska marka, której zaufały przedsiębiorcze kobiety.

A two-piece formal set based on a short jacket and a flared navy blue pleated skirt – perfect styling for many occasions. Available from Atelier De Marco and the De Marco online shop in the bespoke tailoring offer.The perfect complement to the light-coloured short jacket, is the pleated skirt in a beautiful, sensual navy blue. Pomegranate is always a great alternative to black, looking perfect in virtually any look. Combined with shades of white, it creates an image that is professional and extremely elegant.Minimalism and simplicity of this set, gives great styling possibilities. It is enough to choose the right accessories to transform it from an exclusive business or formal set into an elegant cocktail outfit or even a refined evening set.

Welcome to the world of elegance and style with our Polish clothing company De Marco – offering exclusive clothing for Successful Women. Our clothes, designed by Władysława Frączek, highly regarded in Poland and abroad, are a combination of quality, sophisticated design and individual approach to fashion. We sew for women who value uniqueness and self-confidence. Discover our collection and feel confident in any situation!


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