Elegancki i wygodny kombinezon damski na urlop pod palmami

How to dress for a holiday in October and November? The perfect holiday under the palm trees in autumn.

How to dress for a holiday in October and November? The perfect holiday under the palm trees in autumn.

Travelling in autumn and winter to warm countries such as Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Morocco, Crete, Rhodes, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia is a real pleasure. With average temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy a holiday without the oppressive heat and crowds of tourists. This is the perfect time to discover these beautiful places in complete comfort and tranquillity. For those who want to make their partner fall in love with them during these romantic getaways, we highly recommend the stylish creations from De Marco.

Stylish and elegant beach dresses by De Marco

You can look like a classy woman on holiday too.

Light airy dresses are De Marco ideals for autumn holidays under the palm trees.

Our elegant and extremely comfortable beach dresses are perfect for romantic walks, sunset dinners and relaxing on the beach. They are light, airy and perfect for the tropical climate. Long maxi dresses with slits on the sides and deep necklines on the squares add a glamorous touch and will make any woman look stunning.

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Elegant slimming and comfortable women’s suits from De Marco. Branded women’s clothing online SHOP.

How to dress for a holiday in October? Elegant and comfortable branded Polish tailored clothes.

Women’s jumpsuits are also the perfect choice for the autumn holidays. Not only are they stylish, but they also slim down the silhouette and add elegance to any woman’s look. They are perfect for exploring local attractions and relaxing on the beach.

Our creations are not only beautiful, but also practical. They are largely warp and crease resistant, which makes travelling in them extremely comfortable. They are largely warp-resistant, so you can put them in your suitcase with peace of mind.

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How to dress for holidays in October and November? Elegant comfortable styles for the holidays

If you’re planning an autumn holiday under the palm trees, our exclusive tailor-made styles are the perfect choice. They will make you feel not only comfortable but also glamorous.


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