Intensywne kolory w biznesie i polityce. Modne stylizacje wizytowe w odcieniach różu, fuksji i magenty De Marco

Intense colours in business and politics. Fashionable formal styles in shades of pink, fuchsia and magenta by De Marco

Colour in fashionable formal styles from the business world or politics is one of the most important tools. What colours to wear to build a positive image? Which shades will attract attention and encourage your audience? Can a successful woman wear intense colours?

Kobieta na wysokim stanowisku powinna umieć się reprezentować. Sz.P Iwona Gibas wygrała elegancki komplet ze spódnicą w intensywnym kolorze Magenta

Intense, energetic colours are great for outdoor events, informal meetings with constituents or listeners. If we want to create an atmosphere full of mutual trust, positive energy, courage and creativity, shades of red, pink or purple will be a worthy choice. A perfect example of this are the stylings of Ms Iwona Gibas, considered by many to be the fashion icon of Małopolska and an example of an excellent sense of style. For an outdoor event in Zatorze, promoting awareness of the new pool of European funds – Ms Iwona chose an energetic set tailored at Atelier De Marco – a short jacket with a stand-up collar and a delicate, feminine pleated maxi skirt. Source:

De Marco women’s business creations in intense colours. Business colours

Fashionable formal and business styles tailor-made at De Marco – a Polish company.

Although it is true that subdued shades of navy blue, blue, ash, graphite, grey or black and white are considered to be the most elegant and, at the same time, in line with the dress code, there is also ‘room’ for colour in business. Women’s ensembles or sets for work, for the office – go well with energetic accessories in ‘vibrant’, intense colours such as red or pink (e.g. magenta, fuchsia). Styling in more intense colours can work well, for example during a training session or conference. The most important thing is that the cut of the outfit, as well as the chosen colour, should ensure that the desired effect is achieved.

Szykowne zestawy dla kobiet biznesu, polityki, kultury, nauki i sztuki.

Intense colours in business, when chosen consciously and deliberately, can become a tool to achieve the intended purpose – in the audience. The most important thing when choosing the colour of the styling – is to answer the question – what do I want to achieve and what message do I want to send to my Recipient? Shades of red, purple or pink, e.g. magenta – are perfect for business situations, when you want to attract attention and inspire your interlocutor or your audience. Intense colours also emphasise assertiveness and self-confidence. The photo shows our beautiful client, Iwona Gibas, Member of the Board of the Malopolska Region, perfectly handling colours in business-type styling. Thank you very much for the photos and we wish you success. Source:

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Energising colours. Trendy hairstyles for successful women in vibrant colours

Fashionable formal styling: elegant jacket with skirt De Marco luxury Polish fashion brand.

Styling in bolder, saturated colours has a huge impact on both our mood and the mood and attitude of the people we are with. Being aware of how colours affect us can be a huge help in dealing with others, especially when we are in a variety of representational roles and a huge part of our work and activities involves public speaking and direct contact with other people. Energetic colours, such as shades of pink, red and even orange or yellow, are a great way of creating a pleasant, warm atmosphere, stimulating creativity, a willingness to act and a cheerful attitude towards both individuals and the institutions, organisations or ideas they represent.

Biznesowe i wizytowe garsonki i kostiumy damskie szyte na miarę w De Marco. Wice Marszałek w komplecie z plisowaną spódnicą

Our wonderful client, Mrs Iwona Gibas, Member of the Management Board of the Malopolska Region – wearing an energetic De Marco set in shades of pink or fuchsia – presented herself beautifully in Zator, during an event aimed at familiarising the region’s inhabitants with the possibilities of obtaining EU funds. For the occasion, Ms Iwona created an elegant set based on the De Marco jacket from the Esperanza IV line, tailored this time from a smooth, uniformly coloured viscose blend refined with lycra. The comfortable and fitted short jacket with stand-up collar is complemented by an airy, extremely feminine – pleated pladia-type maxi skirt. All this in beautiful shades of pink. Source:

Intensywna fuksja w eleganckich stylizacjach damskich

Visiting or business styles in shades of red or pink – magenta, fuchsia – inspire a sense of confidence, joy and desire in the people you meet or listen to. Source:
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