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Lace sheath dress for Mom of the Wedding

Fashionable and elegant dress with lace sheath for the Mom of the Wedding. Unique and classy Women’s Fashion Salon De Marco, Frydrychowice shop.

Can the Mother of the Wedding at her child’s wedding ceremony look classy, extremely elegant and at the same time feel really comfortable? What dress for the Mother of the Groom or the Bride will not only be appropriate for the occasion, but will also make her feel special? Here is our phenomenal suggestion for a sheath/long jacket dress for the 2022 Mother of the Bride wedding.

An exclusive set for Mum and Mother-in-Law for the wedding.Classic simple pencil dress with a phenomenal lace sheath.

Elegant styling for the Wedding Mum in neutral colours of creamy white with a semi-sheer coat in a shade of stately gold.

What colour of creation for the mother of the bride and groom?

The colours of the creations suitable for the Mom of the bride and groom are now arbitrary. Due to tradition, the one colour that is avoided when choosing styling for a wedding and reception, whether it is the bride and groom’s parent or another guest, is black. This, is still accepted as the colour reserved for those experiencing bereavement, so if it appears in wedding attire, it is as a complement rather than the leading colour. Although it is not a formal rule, we also tend to avoid ‘flashy’, neon colours such as celadons, sharp orange or intense yellows.

It is a good idea to choose styling colours for your son’s or daughter’s wedding based on your individual beauty type. It is also a good idea to use basic, neutral colours, which are suitable for basically all types of beauty. This can certainly include: shades of white, grey, navy blue and beige.

Dresses for the Mother of the Bride/Groom – what cut?

As with colours, in choosing the right cut of dress for the Mom of the Wedding, we should be guided above all by the individual type of figure. Although there is no one type of dress for every body type, the classic, straight, midi length pencil dress is sure to meet the many demands women make of their wedding styling. This is because the pencil dress line is distinguished by its captivating simplicity, yet timeless elegance that reflects the importance of the event.

The asymmetry of the coat/long jacket to the pencil dressintroduces a touch of craziness into the styling of the Mom of the bride and groom.

Fashionable dress for Mom Weddings 2022

The pencil dress in an elegant cream colour is certainly a creation that never goes out of fashion. It exemplifies an outfit that is refined, dignified and certainly suited to a solemn occasion. An interesting counterbalance to this simplicity and minimalism is the lace dress coat, which can also be used as a longer jacket.With this outfit, the Wedding Mother is sure to stand out from the wedding guests, setting the standard for class and chic.

The pencil dress we offer will beautifully accentuate a woman’s curves, while gently clinging to the body – it won’t accentuate extra pounds in key areas too much. The delicate lace dress coat, in two colour versions, guarantees an extremely feminine finish to the creation.

We would like to thank our Exceptional Client for the opportunity to use the photos in De Marco’s styling, with your participation.

Dress with lace sheath for Mum Weddings made-to-measure in the atelier of the Polish designer Władysława Frączek, Salon of exclusive women’s fashion De Marco Frydrychowice k Wadowic






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