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Long evening dresses for Mom Weddings and beyond

Wedding mother dress

An evening dress for the most important occasions must be elegant and classy. For special occasions such as wedding receptions, award ceremonies or the upcoming New Year’s Eve – we recommend long, luxurious evening gowns from our Royal Collection.

Kim’s luxurious oriental style evening gown.
Creation tailored from luxurious gold lace trimmed with airy silk.
The styling in shades of copper and gold is a perfect
proposal even for the most demanding women.

Evening dress – synonymous with elegance

Few women’s outfits are as strongly associated with luxury and class as the long evening gown. It is the outfit that, with good reason, is the first to come to mind when thinking about choosing the right outfit for a “big night out”.

A stunning light grey evening gown – Anatolia.
The long, classic gown with a tasteful slit, exposing the leg,
is complemented by a silk scarf, hand-embellished with Swarovski crystals –
adding sparkle and an impression of lightness. An ideal choice especially for the Mom of the Wedding.

Evening gowns, come in a variety of cuts, from long and narrow to flared downwards, creating a spectacular “princess” effect.What makes them stand out above all, however, is the quality of the materials used. These are usually luxurious, high-quality fabrics such as chiffon, silk, taffeta, satin or velvet.

To the opera and the wedding reception

The long evening dress, although we do not wear it for everyday occasions, contrary to appearances, has a wide range of uses.We can successfully choose it as a styling basis for an important anniversary, going to an elegant business party, a special carnival party or as an outfit for a wedding reception.Of course, the choice of cut and colour should reflect not only the elegant nature of the event and our personality, but also our individual qualities.

Among evening dresses, by far the most popular colours are those considered to be the most elegant – black, navy blue, beige.You can also successfully opt for a dress in mature colours of red, green, fuchsia or light pastels.It is important to avoid colours that are too bright or aggressive, overly eye-catching patterns and textures.

Exclusive long dress for mum’s wedding De Marco <3 <3 <3

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