Eleganckie płaszczyki, futra, etole De Marco

Coatings for evening dresses – coats, furs, etouches

What to wear over a dress in winter? What to wear on top of a dress for a wedding?

Low temperatures make it necessary for us to choose not only a beautiful dress for a wedding, a ball or any other event, but also a suitable outer garment.So what to wear with an evening dress? Which garment will be suitable for an elegant dress in autumn or winter?

Coat or fur to go with a dress – how to choose?

Outerwear in cold weather, should be an important part of the entire styling, and its selection certainly cannot be casual.The fit depends on both our body type and the outfit we have decided on for that evening.

The Kleonik coat stands out with its textured pattern and interesting lines.
Warm woollen fabric and an elegant collar, finished with decorative embroideries
will provide the right comfort for winter chills to every,
even the most demanding woman.

In choosing a warm garment to go with an evening dress, attention should be paid first and foremost to the type and length of the dress.For long maxi dresses, shorter fur coats or longer, high-quality coats will certainly look better.

What to wear over a dress in winter? Elegant coats, furs, etouches.

The Colette eco-friendly fur coat,
will beautifully complement a classic-line, maxi style –
adding a luxurious touch.

Coat for evening dress – the cut is important

An outer garment that perfectly complements a feminine and elegant evening dress should complement it.There can be no question of casualness, even if we assume that we will only present ourselves for a short while in a coat or fur coat.One very important prerequisite for the perfect matching of a garment to a dress is a good cut.

The well-fitting, elegant Dinar dress coat
is proof that you can look feminine on cold days too.

An evening dress coat for winter, should have a clearly defined waist, so avoid voluminous, thickening models that distort the silhouette.

Future/etola for gown evening gown from the Royal Collection.

As with the choice of dress, it is a good idea to opt for models of outerwear that will show off your assets and effectively conceal the weaker sides of your figure.

The Elza wool winter coat,
will work well with both dresses and suit trousers.

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