Eleganckie garnitury damskie i modne sukienki dla Mamy Wesela w kolorze wrzosowym. Luksusowe kreacje na wesele w odcieniu baby fiolet

Modern suits and elegant women’s suits, exclusive dresses for Mom Weddings

Exclusive dresses for Mom Weddings for your son or daughter’s wedding. Modern suits and elegant women’s suits, beautiful De Marco dresses. Luxurious creations for a wedding in baby purple

For the Celts, heather was a truly magical plant, attracting love and ensuring good fortune. To this day, heather, and the colour heather in its various shades, is a symbol of beautiful, innocent love and fortune. A dress, costume or suits in the shade of heather – a creation made for the Mother of the Wedding – expressing blessing and faith in their affection.

Exclusive suits for Mum Weddings made-to-measure at De Marco.

The colour heather – symbolism. Fashionable creation in the ‘magical’ colour of heather

Although one of the most popular powder wedding colours remains powder pink – a powder shade of light purple, referred to by many as baby purple, is increasingly making its way ‘onto the showrooms’. This light, heavily bleached purple, strongly associated with the beautiful colour of heather flowers, is a colour that would be perfect for a wedding and reception, especially for the Mum of the bride and groom. For centuries, the heather flower has been treasured by the Celts, who saw in it a symbol of good fortune and love. This special magic was also seen by the Scots, who often carried heather flowers with them, convinced that it would bring them luck, prosperity and love.

The colour heather, regardless of the cut of the creation, will work beautifully in a wedding outfit, especially for the Mother of the Bride and Groom. It hides a mystery, the beauty of innocent love and a symbol of favourable fortune. Pictured are the beautiful creations available in our online shop, also in the bespoke option – the luxurious Nastasia set, the exclusive pencil dress in the light heather shade Aurelia, the elegant light purple, jacquard Lilla II dress, heather Sumi women’s costume, heather three-piece set with Erna jacquard waistcoat.

The most fashionable women’s suits, modern suits and exclusive dresses for Mom’s Weddings De Marco – luxury Polish brand online shop.

Shades of light purple. Wedding creations for Mum Weddings in the colour of luxury and elegance

Purple, whatever its intensity, is a colour full of exclusivity and luxury. For this reason, cocktail dresses, suits, costumes and suits in heather are the perfect outfit for ladies who appreciate style, class and glamour – so fashionable and appreciated by wedding planners.

Light heather, powder violet or baby violet – whatever the name, the mysterious, feminine and sweet shade of light purple adds dignity and class. The beautiful Sumi costume in the colour of bleached heather – is an exclusive proposal for ladies who like classic cuts and cuts. Referring to the elegance of a men’s tailcoat, through the asymmetrical cut of the jacket and the extension in the back. Its uniqueness is also given by the beautiful embellishment, creasing – at the back and on the sides.
The luxurious Lilla II cocktail dress is, in turn, a styling for ladies who appreciate cuts that emphasise the beauty and allure of the female figure. Jacquard works beautifully on the silhouette, maintaining the shape designed by the designer, even with rounder thighs, hips or belly – subtly concealing them. The vertical buffet-style sleeve slims the shoulder line while optically adding inches to the silhouette. The beautiful heather colour adds sweetness and sensuality to the dress, as well as to the entire styling. Equally elegant is the heather set dedicated to the Wedding Mum – Halia: pencil dress decorated with hand-applied lace together with a lightweight sheath..

Elegant dresses, fashionable women’s suits and exclusive suits for Mom Weddings

The most fashionable women’s suits, modern suits and exclusive dresses for Mom Weddings De Marco – luxury Polish brand online shop .

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Wedding dresses for Mum and Mother-in-law. Exquisite heather ensembles with trousers

Whether it is a costume, dress or trouser in heather, it conveys extraordinary elegance and very positive associations. Our range includes truly elegant pencil dresses, suits or cocktail dresses. They make it possible to create a look that suits practically every type of beauty – either as a total look with the colour baby violet or as a style with a base colour complemented by energetic, intense accessories – e.g. for ladies of the Winter type. Heather goes beautifully not only with basic and neutral colours, but also, for example, with intense fuchsia or yellow.

Often it is the accessories that give the creation its final touch. Bright heather goes beautifully with neutral colours but also with strong, saturated shades. It can also look great as a total look.In addition to the most popular cocktail dresses or formal dresses in heather, we recommend the trouser or ladies’ suit available in our offer – in baby purple. This can be an excellent way not only to create a stylish and elegant outfit, but also to look unconventional and surprising for your guests.

A wide range of luxurious styles in light heather available in our Atelier and on our website. Alongside beautiful jacquard creations – three-piece suit with jacquard waistcoat Erna and beautiful heather Hermina III trouser.

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