Modne plisowane sukienki na wesele latem. De Marco piękne sukienki dla mamy wesela w lipcu i sierpniu

Fashionable pleated dresses for a wedding in summer. Striking wedding creations in baby blue

Fashionable pleated dresses for a wedding in summer. Striking wedding creations in baby blue. Elegant dresses for July and August weddings.

Blue dresses are the perfect choice for summer parties and celebrations. A dress or trouser in the trendy shade of baby blue with a touch of ash will allow you to present yourself in a striking, stylish and fresh way, evoking positive associations. Here are our most fashionable wedding outfits – pleated dresses and chiffon jumpsuits in baby blue.

A stylish creation for a wedding in blue. Who does it suit?

De Marco – dresses for a summer wedding

Blue is an extremely graceful and elegant colour, evoking positive associations in us – memories of holidays, blue skies or the sea. It is also a colour that is great for our mood. It has a calming effect on the heart and boosts creativity and concentration.Baby blue looks good on practically every type of beauty – just choose the right shade for you. The baby blue with a touch of ashen we propose is an option which is definitely dedicated to ladies with a cooler type of beauty, especially Summer and Winter ladies, although this of course does not exclude women with a warm type. In a dress or jumpsuit in powder blue with ash – blondes and grey-haired women also look great.

In our online shop, Atelier offers a range of luxurious creations for wedding, communion, anniversary in light blue with a touch of grey. Magnificent, stylish and very refined formal dresses – flared such as the magnificent dress with a jeweled belt Gaudium III or pleated – asymmetrical Adrianna orairy Ophelia..

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Creation for a wedding in baby blue. What to combine with?

De Marco – online shop for wedding dresses in July / August.

The colour light blue – often referred to in fashion as baby blue, especially with touches of ash, grey – is a versatile and timeless colour. It is perfect for casual, informal occasions as well as important and chic meetings, celebrations and events. Its appeal also lies in its ease of combination with other colours. When it comes to ‘big outings’, the total look is, of course, the most elegant and luxurious one – entirely in the chosen colour. Baby blue with grey goes particularly well with other colours such as white, neutral ‘earth colours’ and beige. Navy blue and grey also work well. When styling a light blue formal dress, e.g. for a wedding, it is advisable to add a touch of unconventional colour, such as vibrant red, pink or orange.

Introducing a splash of colour, such as pink, into the styling will give a striking and very stylish light blue formal dress with a touch of poplin – Adrianna or Ofelia, a youthful, passionate and fun – expression.

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Pleated dress for the wedding. A spectacular trend in feminine style

De Marco – The most fashionable dresses for weddings in July and August.

The pleated formal dress for a wedding is a very feminine trend with spectacular effects, although not for everyone. Ladies with a pronounced apple-shaped figure, a well-defined tummy or excess weight on the waist or in the tummy area should definitely consider choosing this type of dress. However, ladies with other body types, who, for example, would like to cover up their slightly firmer thighs (pear-shaped figure), or plus-size ladies, will look great in a pleated dress.

Not only is pleating extremely elegant and stylish, but it can also help conceal any imperfections while slimming the figure – thanks to the vertical lines.
In the picture: a beautiful, airy siphon dress for an Anda wedding and an asymmetrical Adrianna with a jeweled belt.

A sensual formal jumpsuit in baby blue – for weddings and beyond….

De Marco fashionable jumpsuit for summer wedding

A perfect alternative to a formal dress for a wedding or other celebrations in spring or summer, is the chiffon jumpsuit inlight blue Edna II. In addition to the captivating baby blue colour with a touch of ash, the Edna II trouser has a beautiful cut, perfectly emphasising the assets of a woman’s figure.

Sensual and extremely feminine, full of ethereal elegance and class – the suit women’s Edna II with an asymmetrical cut and a striking carmen neckline. All this in the trendy colour baby blue with a touch of ash.

The wide drawstring waist fits nicely around the waist, ensuring that the waist is highlighted and at the same time very comfortable and wearable. The wide, skirt-like trousers attract attention with the use of a slanted cut – which looks great especially when paired with high stilettos or pumps. The wide, chiffon leg works beautifully on the silhouette, especially when dancing, making this creation ideal for the wedding dance floor. The top of the Edna II pantsuit is quite casual and airy, and is topped off with a sensual carmen neckline that nicely accentuates the shoulder line while enticingly revealing them.The Edna II wedding jumpsuit can be worn in a more subdued edition as a monochrome look, as well as in a crazy, bold version – for example with fuchsia-coloured shoes and accessories.


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