Sukienki z jedwabiu naturalnego na wesele

Natural silk dresses for a wedding – Polish styles

Natural silk dresses for weddings

Unique wedding styling for Mum for her daughter/son’s wedding. Gracjan’s blue silk dress

Choosing the styling for a wedding for the Mum of the bride and groom is often quite a challenge. You can of course opt for a classic suit or costume, or a ladies’ suit. Dresses are also very popular, but should be chosen with the knowledge that not every dress – will be suitable for this very important ceremony. Here is our proposal of a creation for a Wedding Mum, which will impress with exceptional elegance and chic.

Our wonderful client Sz. P. Dzieniszewska
in a Gracjana formal dress with silk scarf/spread,
in a soft shade of blue.

What to wear to the wedding? An exclusive dress for the Wedding Mum

When choosing a suitable outfit for your child’s wedding and reception, it is advisable to follow the generally accepted rules of formal daytime dress or formal dress.

Creation for Mom for wedding and morning dress style

For women’s formal day wear, the creation should be based on elegant but short dresses complemented by delicate jewellery, a small handbag and heeled shoes. A decorative headdress (such as a toque or a fascinator) is also an essential element.

Wedding styling for Mum and Mother-in-law in formal wear style

Most often for weddings and bridal parties we opt for formal dress styles. A formal dress should be characterised by being knee-length or slightly past the knee. Nowadays, midi, or mid-calf length dresses are also common. It all depends on how tall you are and which areas you want to highlight more clearly.

The smooth, classic cut of the gown is complemented by beautiful silk sleeves and an original collar hand-decorated with tasteful beads.

A formal dress for a wedding for Mum should also stand out with the right cut in the upper parts. If we decide on a neckline – it should be subtle. Similarly when it comes to open shoulders. The wedding mother and her spouse are the people everyone will be looking at, just like the bride and groom. Therefore, it is advisable that our creations are chic and elegant, expressing at the same time respect for tradition, especially if the wedding takes place in the Church.So if you decide on a dress with open shoulders, take care of a matching jacket or a bedspread.

The perfect dress for the mother of the bride and groom

The dream dress for Mom for her son’s/daughter’s wedding and reception, should be simple, elegant and with taste highlighting the assets of her beauty and figure. Such is certainly the pencil formal dress from our Atelier De Marco – Gracjana.
Both in version with silk shawl and version with silk long sleeves – is distinguished by its captivating simplicity of form. The smooth, high-quality viscose fabric ensures a chic, impeccable look throughout the ceremony, even into the night.

Exclusive formal dress for Mom’s Wedding –
Graciana with silk scarf.

Beautifully framing Gracjan’s shape, phenomenally accentuates the unique,
slim figure of our wonderful client Sz. P. Dzieniszewska.

We would like to thank you for your trust and for choosing the creations from our Atelier – Ms Dziewiszewska.We are delighted that through our designs, we were able to become part of such a special event for your Family.

Natural silk dresses for wedding tailored in the atelier of Polish designer Wladyslawa Frączek – DE MARCO SHOP






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