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Women’s formal ensembles. The colours of diplomacy

Women’s formal ensembles. De Marco Business and diplomatic clothing for women

In the world of business and diplomacy, how we present ourselves matters as much as what we say. By consciously building our image through formal styling and appropriate colour schemes, we make negotiations and meetings easier. What versatile colours and outfits to use in business and diplomacy? Here are our suggestions.

Elegant W5 Tsar coat juxtaposed
with classic fabiana high-waisted trousers
and complemented by luxurious the navy blue Marga II formal blouse –
a truly refined formal set in diplomatic colours.

A formal dress with a sheath in shades of grey. Image label

The colour ash, a light shade of grey, is one of the basic colours in image etiquette, and a shade that is very graceful to style. Grey as such, including ash grey – is a neutral colour, perceived as confidence-inspiring. Grey is the perfect base for formal, diplomatic outfits. Formal dresses or women’s ensembles in this colour will allow us to create a friendly, open atmosphere during negotiations and discussions.

The Minerwa dress and lightweight Carski W5 coat –
is a perfect example of ready-to-wear styling for formal, prestigious high-level meetings. Both the classic and truly elegant lines of the set and the shades of grey with a touch of blue ‘work’ for a friendly, uncluttered atmosphere during meetings.

The Minerva II visit dress is a model example of how to build a thread of understanding with a potential adversary through a visit dress, while at the same time, through the consciously applied asymmetrical cuts, clearly indicate the strength of character.

Women’s formalwear ensembles. Business and diplomatic wear for women. Women’s suits and costumes online shop De Marco.

Vintage Heladia women’s costume – tasteful
and yet very feminine jacket cut with pencil skirt,
combined with the power of calm grey tones.

Women’s suits and costumes online shop De Marco.Women’s Hilaria Visiting Costume

Navy blue in women’s diplomatic ensembles

Women’s formal ensembles. De Marco Business and diplomatic clothing for women

Alongside shades of grey, navy blue is certainly an important colour in image etiquette. Next to the neutral grey, navy blue is already a much more serious and distinguished colour, which is also considered the most elegant. Whether in business, diplomatic attire or women’s outfits, the introduction of navy blue offers an opportunity to more clearly emphasise one’s authority, experience and professionalism, whatever the situation.

The combination of the neutral and confidence-inspiring ash of the Fabian high-waisted trousers with the deep navy blue of the luxurious Marga II formal blouse – allows for the creation of an outgoing styling, for a woman who is confident in herself and her skills, while also being able to build an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation around herself.






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