Elegancka garsonka w angielskim stylu. Mama Wesela w Stylu "Old Money": Elegancja i Klasa

‘Old Money’ Style Wedding Mums: Elegance and Class in women’s suits, dresses and suits for the wedding mum

Exclusive women’s dresses and suits Mom’s “Old Money” Style Weddings: Elegance and Class.

De Marco women’s dresses and suits

One of the most important moments in a parent’s life is their child’s wedding. On this special day, every parent wants to look not only beautiful, but also exude class and elegance. For mums who appreciate tradition and timeless elegance, an old money style suit is the perfect choice.

Elegant suits for mother of the bride or groom

These exclusive sets consisting of a jacket and skirt emphasise the high status and culture of the wearer. Old money” clothes are characterised by the excellent quality of the raw materials and unique, classic cuts. They are tailor-made garments that must fit perfectly and emphasise the figure, regardless of height and size.

The hallmark of ‘old money’ style clothing is its simplicity, restraint and class. Subtracting superfluous embellishments such as lace, prints or frills, what remains is excellent tailoring. The minimalism of the cuts is astonishing and requires a great deal of talent. Every detail must be carefully thought out to make the outfits look timeless.

Elegant dresses for mother and mother-in-law

Simple slow fashion dresses are the perfect alternative if you don’t plan to change your outfit between the ceremony and the wedding reception. These minimalist styles emphasise class and elegance. The colours of the ‘old money’ outfits are tailored to the client. Every mother has the chance to express her personality and emphasise her beauty type.

Fashionable women’s suits for weddings

In addition to suits and dresses for mum and mother-in-law weddings, we also recommend women’s suits, which are a wonderful alternative to a skirt and dresses give the proverbial Claw to the whole look.

What colour dress for the wedding mother?

Mum Weddings in Old Money Style.

When it comes to colours, pastel shades are perfect for spring and summer, brightening the complexion and adding softness. Gold and silver, on the other hand, are timeless choices all year round, as are ashes, greys and takes. In the cooler autumn and winter months, intense colours such as raspberry, red, sapphire, green, maroon and wine will add warmth, elegance and energy to the celebration.

De Marco Polish slow fashion. Women’s dresses and suits.

Sukienki na wesele dla mamy i teściowej, szyte na miarę u projektanta z Małopolski. Eleganckie sukienki na wesele dla mamy sklep Władysławy Frączek.

We strongly encourage you to visit our online shop, where you will find exclusive women’s suits, dresses and suits that will help you achieve a unique look for that important day in your child’s life. Elegance and class are always on trend.


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