Szanowana polska biznesmenka Pani Agnieszka Malinowska w eleganckiej sukience szytej na miarę w De Marco

Sensual formal dress in navy blue. Fashionable, versatile creation in the style of a “little black dress”.

The formal dress, commonly referred to as the ‘little black’, is a staple piece, a staple in every modern woman’s wardrobe. However, not everyone looks good in black. So what can you do instead of the ‘little black dress’? How do you style a classic dark formal dress? Here is our timeless suggestion for an exclusive ‘little black’ dress in sensual navy blue.

Eleganckie wizytowe sukienki De Marco. Granatowa sukienka na targi branżowe

Although the Little Black Dress is considered the most timeless and versatile style, black is not a colour that suits everyone. However, it can be successfully substituted by another dark colour better suited to the type of beauty – e.g. elegant and sensual navy blue. A perfect example of this is the creation of our wonderful client, Mrs Agnieszka Malinowska – the luxurious Alana dress from the Chrystian IX De Marco collection.

The versatile ‘little black’? Elegant, classic dark formal dress

The ‘little black‘ dress is a style that has gained its popularity for its simplicity, elegance and versatility. It is a classic that is perfect for many occasions, from evening parties to business meetings. The main idea behind it, was to create a classic, elegant, beautifully emphasising the qualities of a woman’s figure – a creation, in a universal colour, which could be a perfect proposal for various occasions – from casual to evening outings and occasions. The classic ‘little black dress’ is therefore intended to be an exceptional base dress which, with the right accessories, can be styled in a variety of ways – but invariably full of elegance and femininity.

Eleganckie polskie sukienki biznesowe i wizytowe. De Marco luksusowa polska marka

What makes the ‘little black’ style dress unique and versatile is its minimalism and elegant simplicity, which allows it to become a base for many outfits of different nature and purpose. Pictured: a beautiful navy blue Alan’s Little Black style formal dress, in a party version with boldly coloured stilettos or in a business version with subdued accessories – chosen by our client Ms Agnieszka Malinowska.

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The classic ‘little black’ – what to replace it with?

Contrary to popular belief, black does not suit everyone. Although it can be a seductive and extremely elegant colour for women with a certain type of beauty – dark autumn type women, for example. For many women, however, black is not a good example of a universal colour – it can sharpen facial features, accentuate imperfections and make them look tired and stressed.In such a situation, it is worth considering replacing the classic “little black” with an elegant dress in a simple style. – with an elegant dress of a simple, versatile cut, in a different – dark colour. An excellent choice, in which most women will look good, is certainly navy blue. It is also the colour generally considered to be the most elegant – in business or formal type outfits.

Gdzie kupić ubrania dobrej Jakości? Szykowne kreacje biurowe, biznesowe, wizytowe i weselne szyte na miarę w De Marco. Luksusowa polska marka

Navy blue is the perfect alternative to black. It is not only elegant, sensual but also very feminine. In our Atelier De Marco and on our website, we offer many beautiful “little black” type dresses in navy blue. Pictured: the elegant Psyche dress (with and without attached basque), the Atlanta dress and navy blue pleated Rode dress..

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‘Little navy blue’ as ‘little black’. Versatile, sensual Alana formal dress

The Alana formal dress, available in our Christian IX collection in our bespoke sewing range, is a beautiful classic creation that can successfully form the basis of a variety of successful everyday, business or formal outfits.What sets it apart is its minimalist cut, subtle elegance and gorgeous, sensual colour. Alana is a simple, smooth pencil-type dress with an alluring mid-thigh slit. The delicate round neckline makes it perfect not only for informal parties, but also for important formal functions. Tempting and sensual, it does not show off the body too much. The original trim on the waistline and at the lower hemline also adds to its character. Alana can be styled in many different ways and combined with many colours, both muted and intense – depending on the intended effect.

Szanowana polska biznesmenka Pani Agnieszka Malinowska w eleganckiej sukience szytej na miarę w De Marco

Our client, Agnieszka Malinowska, knows exactly how to exploit the potential of Alana’s beautiful design – here she complemented the creation with a subtle shawl casually thrown around the neck and on the shoulders – optically illuminating the face and giving the styling a slightly less formal character.

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