Jaka sukienka na 25 lecie, 30 lecie, ślubu? Jak ubrać się na jubileusz?

What dress for a 25th anniversary, 30th anniversary, wedding? How to dress for an anniversary?

What dress for a 25th anniversary, 30th wedding? How to dress for a 25th anniversary, 30th wedding anniversary?

How to dress for an anniversary?

Gronka, women’s costume, suit or dress
 for anniversary wedding? How do you dress as a jeweller?

Anniversaries are special celebrations that mark a round anniversary, whether it is a wedding or the start of a career. It is a momentous occasion that deserves an appropriate setting. Special attention needs to be paid to the styling of the jeweller so that she looks stunning on this special day.

Choosing the right dress or suit, the creation depends on the nature of the celebration and the number of guests. For anniversaries celebrated in a ballroom with an orchestra or DJ. , the ideal choice will be a long ball gown in light shades such as cream, zinc white or alabaster. Styles in powder pink, trendy purple, beige, blue or green will also be a great option. It is important that our styling harmonises with the hall décor to create a cohesive whole.

Ekskluzywne garnitury damskie, garsonki i sukienki na rocznicę ślubu

For more intimate family parties or formal dinners at restaurants, minimalist, simple formal outfits will be the perfect choice. Elegant formal suits, ladies’ outfits or suits are practical and stylish, fitting perfectly into the festive mood of the celebrations.

If the anniversary is being held in the garden, think boho or cocktail style creations. Light and airy dresses are perfect for such occasions, creating a garden party atmosphere.

How to dress for your 25th, 30th anniversary?

De Marco’s website offers style inspiration as well as personalised design and bespoke sewing, so every jeweller can feel special in her creation.

May the jubilee be a time of joy and smiles. Let us enjoy the preparations and the celebration itself, for these moments will pass. How they will be remembered is up to us. Let us also remember our husbands, immediate family and friends as a woman full of vigour and style. The jeweller should present herself full of feminine allure and elegance, exuding charm and confidence. It is also an opportunity to show off her beauty and class.

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