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Spring formal dresses for wedding for lady 50+

Spring wedding formal dress for lady 50+

Wedding celebrations and weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Every woman, regardless of her age, wants to look beautiful and elegant on that day and feel comfortable at the same time.So how to dress for a wedding in spring being a mature woman? What creations suit a lady of 50+?

A wedding in bright colours

Every season of the year has its own unique atmosphere and charm. The favourable weather and the circumstances of waking nature make spring one of the favourite seasons for hosting a wedding reception.

The skillfully incorporated and carefully crafted details,
make the creation one-of-a-kind and add a touch of class.
In the picture – the decorative collar of Marlen’s elegant wedding dress .

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The lively springtime can also be a great inspiration for your wedding styling choices. It is therefore advisable, both due to the circumstances of nature and the nature of the event, to choose outfits in colours that are both bright and elegant.Delicate shades of beige, subtle gold, coffee with milk are perfect. If we want to go for more intense colours, let’s rather choose pastel shades or the colour considered synonymous with elegance – navy blue.

John’s wedding dress – pencil, an elegant dress,
in light blue.

Wedding dress for mature women – mini or maxi?

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Spring wedding formal dress for lady 50+

In choosing the length of a creation, age should not be a factor. For special occasions, a mini length will not be welcome whether we are in our 30s or 50s. Wedding and wedding occasions are occasions where we especially need to ensure that our styling reflects the solemnity and dignity of the moment.

At the same time, even at a mature age, we can successfully wear a creation that will reveal shapely legs.In such a situation, a knee-length or slightly over-the-knee length will probably be a “hit”.

The length up to or over the knee will
look particularly nice with a stiletto heel,
optically elongating and slimming the leg even further.
It will work perfectly in such a set
Providential pencil dress – Marion..

If you feel much more comfortable in longer styles, it is advisable to choose a mid-calf length creation.But it is good to remember that the longer the dress/skirt, the better it will be for the proportions of the silhouette to choose a higher and slimmer heel.

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Marlen III wedding dress

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