Wyszczuplające sukienki i garsonki dla Mamy Wesela

Slimming styles for mum weddings 2022

Slimming dresses and suits for Mom Weddings

Excess weight, especially after pregnancy, tends to appear around the waist and waist. So how to dress for important occasions, masking a protruding belly in a dress or suit?
Here are our suggestions for beautiful slimming formal outfits.

Our Wonderful Client, Ms. Ewa Zaręba,
beautifully presents herself as the Mom of the Wedding,
in our Miranda costume.

How to hide a protruding tummy? Slimming styling tips

Slimming dresses and suits for Mom Weddings

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We are convinced that every figure – regardless of its “weaker” sides – is beautiful. For what makes us attractive is the charm and self-confidence we carry inside.At the same time, the creations we choose can build up our self-confidence and our sense of our own beauty in a positive way. For when we feel beautiful – that is how we are perceived by those around us.

So if you are particularly bothered by excess weight around your tummy, use clever solutions to skilfully disguise it:

  1. Opt for asymmetry!

Whether for dresses or costumes/suits, an excellent solution for slimming the abdominal area would be to use asymmetry.

Great slimming costume for Mom of the Wedding – Miranda.
The base piece is an asymmetrical gold jacket,
subtly masking the stomach area.
The sophisticated gold suit will add confidence and a sense of beauty,
even during the most stressful appearances or celebrations.

  1. Choose the right cuts

If you have an apple-shaped figure and a protruding stomach, for example, dresses with a slimming effect are a good option. The envelope or trapezoidal cuts are great options.High-waisted dresses are also a great option, especially those using lighter fabrics that give an airy feel.

Dress for Mum of the Wedding with Gracjan silk scarf.
A beautiful, classic dress with a slightly figure-hugging silhouette in combination
with a mid-knee length, it will allow you to expose your shapely legs,
while also covering up a protruding tummy.The
silk shawl, which serves as an exclusive cloak and is richly decorated at the collar with delicate pearls, shifts the focus to the upper body.

Our client, Ms Ewa Zaręba, is a perfect example of,how to skilfully expose one’s assets and natural beauty,in order to look captivating and dazzle the gathered guests.

  1. Skilfully shift the emphasis

Choose outfits that cleverly move accents away from the areas you want to cover up.If slim, shapely legs are your strong point – opt for a length that “tastefully” exposes them. You can also hide excess weight around the waist with a beautiful, feminine neckline.

The gold Miranda swimsuit, stands out with its high, beautifully cut stand-up collar,
which optically elongates the neck and exposes the cleavage accordingly.
By putting the accents on your “stronger” sides, you can discreetly divert attention,
from your stomach area.

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