ekskluzywny płaszcz wełniany, De Marco Stylizacje na Wszystkich Świętych i Święto Zmarłych

Styles for All Saints and Day of the Dead 2021

De Marco exclusive wool coat.

Soon, according to a beautiful Polish tradition, we will be going to cemeteries to commemorate our dead.What styles will be appropriate for the cemetery? What to avoid during All Saints’ Day 2021 and the Day of the Dead celebrations? How to choose an outfit appropriate to the occasion and circumstances of these days?

Elegant yet very stylish, the short wool Halszka coat,
is a perfect example of styling suitable for participating in the rituals
All Saints’ Day and Day of the Dead.

A unique Polish tradition

The tradition of celebrating All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, i.e. 1 and 2 November, is firmly rooted in the consciousness of Poles. However, the customs associated with these days have understandably undergone numerous changes.In the past, bonfires were associated with these festivities to help the souls of the dead find their way, and food such as pierogi or doughnuts were eaten together on graves – each with its own distinctive symbolism associated with the cycle of life and its inevitable end.Interestingly, in the past, the Dead used to be remembered in a special way, as many as four times a year, at the border of the different seasons, including the autumn-winter transition.

During All Saints’ Day and the Day of the Dead,
it is worth opting for elegant classic cuts.
In the picture:Vega wool coat, from the Lotus collection.

Nowadays, the celebration of All Saints’ Day and the Feast of the Dead is still associated with silence and reverie. In remembrance of past practices, we light candles on graves and usually meet for a meal together at home.

The colour of reverie and reflection

Characteristic of the survival of the days of 1 and 2 November were certainly the traditional dark colours that were worn on that day. The choice of black, or at least dark shades, also had its deep symbolism. Black as the opposite of light, in our culture, is associated with feelings of sadness, longing and mourning.

On cold November days, it’s worth opting for
an outfit that is both elegant and appropriate to the occasion,
and also keeps us comfortable and warm.
This is certainly the exclusive Dinara wool suit..

It is for this reason that black, or muted, darker colours, have become the styling staple considered most appropriate for participation in All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day celebrations.

What to wear to All Saints’ Day?

Although on many occasions, the outer garment completes the styling but does not play such a crucial role – in the case of these two days, whether you choose a shabby jacket or a smart coat makes all the difference.

Warm and lightweight Elza trapeze coat,
beautifully matched with elegant trousers or skirt.
Hidden pockets with one flap allow you to stow away essentials,
such as matches for the traditional lighting of candles on a gravestone.

Of course, our styling is not the most important issue in this case, and cemeteries are certainly not a catwalk on which we will have to present ourselves.It is worth remembering, however, that our attire for All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, should definitely reflect our attitude to the traditions in which we participate, and above all express our respect for the Remembrance of the Dead.

Elegant, very women autumn, embellished with fur,
Dinar dress coat.

The challenge every year is certainly the weather, which is usually capricious during this period. It is therefore advisable to be well-prepared, so that we can dress in an elegant manner and still feelcomfortably warm – after all, we often spend a long time at the cemetery during the ceremonies, for example taking part in the traditional Vespers and prayer procession.

For traditional celebrations, opt for a classic,
beautifully accentuating the waistline.
Classic S1 coat from the Christian IX collection.

For ladies looking for warm and muted solutions,
at the same time looking for an alternative to black,
we recommend the Collete eco-friendly fur,
complemented with elegant straight trousers or skirt.

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