Jak się ubrać na galę rozdania nagród? Ekskluzywna wieczorowa stylizacja De Marco.

Evening dress for special occasions

How to dress for an awards gala?

Sumptuous receptions and balls, formal, gala corporate events or, last but not least, prestigious award galas. Although occasions to appear in an evening dress are not every day, a perfectly chosen evening dress, highlighting our beauty and grace, is a kind of feminine “weapon”, which should be used consciously and as purposefully as possible.How to choose an evening dress to best serve our image?

Phenomenal evening gown,
created for women aware
of themselves and their strengths – Nila.

Beauty has more than one name.

How to dress for an awards gala? How to dress for a formal event?

Probably no garment on the female body shows off a woman’s assets – both those of the body and (perhaps above all) those of her personality – as strongly as an evening dress.It is through the right choice of outfits for special occasions that a woman can express herself most fully, manifesting her strength and self-confidence.

The most beautiful evening dress is the one,
which does not distract from the one-who-wore-it.
Evening outfits should conceal flaws,
while exposing a woman’s charisma.
In the picture: the sensual ball gown – Frederica.

Throughout history, the ideal of female beauty has undergone natural changes and will certainly continue to do so in the future. One thing, however, remains the same – a woman who consciously uses the advantages and disadvantages of her anatomy, who has a sense of power over how to appear to others – will always be the one who, even despite the prevailing canons, will be the most attractive.

All women are beautiful.

The above words of women’s fashion genius Christian Dior perfectly illustrate what women’s fashion is all about, especially the sumptuous, feminine evening creations for which the designer was famous.Every female figure, properly presented – can become an ideal in the eyes of those gathered, even if it differs strongly in proportions from the generally accepted vision.

Silver evening gown.

A well-chosen evening gown, should be the frame in which she presents herself like a most treasured painting.The female figure, regardless of type, can therefore – properly highlighted and exposed, become a huge asset.

Glossy, eye-catching and eye-catching
the Lorena II evening dress, is the perfect creation for women,
who know the power of subtly exposing a woman’s shapely leg.

Focusing on assets – or how to choose the perfect evening gown

Knowing what serves our image and what needs to be covered up is the direction in which a self-conscious woman should ‘further her education’ every day.

The big outings, especially the galas associated with awards and prizes, are the times when the eyes of the entire audience are on us.

Women with fuller figures, such as “apple” or “pear” in the lower parts of the body (hips, thighs) should definitely choose outfits that effectively cover these areas. A good solution is to choose dresses that emphasise the waist and upper body, preferably with a wider bottom.

Parla among creations bal – Echo creation.

The classics will certainly be long black gowns, as in the case of our Frederick evening dress. The black fabric, which shimmers with silver thread at the slightest illumination, will make us look elegant and feminine even with minimal jewellery.

The long, straight gown is a fashion classic.
In the picture: Frederick’s ball gown.
This is especially for women with shapely legs
and a figure close to the hourglass type.

The Nox evening set is particularly recommended for rectangular figures.
The line of the model will help to restore the proportions of the silhouette, by
optically marking the waist and hip area.

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