Styling for Wedding Mom 2022 – A bridal suit and wedding set in one!

Styling for Mom’s Wedding 2022

On a child’s wedding day – the Mum of the bride and groom is the second most important person. So if we put so much effort into finding the perfect dress for the bride, we should pay just as much attention to the Mother of the Wedding! Which creation will be suitable for the wedding and the child’s wedding? Should we prepare two creations – one for the ceremony in the Church, one for the wedding reception?

Mila Pearl Suit

Wedding Mum on a candlestick

Increasingly, Parents of the Bride and Groom, especially Mothers, are giving due attention to the attire not only to their beloved Children, but also to themselves. The times in which the Parents hurriedly choose an outfit for themselves for the wedding and reception – are gone.The Parents of the Bride and Groom are increasingly aware of the huge role they play on this special day for the whole family and are preparing themselves accordingly.

Delightful elegance, chic and comfort even in the most stressful moments.
Mila Pearl Suit from the Chrystian IX Collection

The demands on what to wear to a child’s wedding and reception – are high. The styling must be comfortable, convenient and breathable. It is also of great importance that it is functional and beautiful. After all, the attention of the assembled guests is directed not only at the bride and groom, but also extremely strongly at the parents.

Two creations for the mother of the bride and groom?

It is, of course, possible to plan a style that will serve us for the entire ceremony, both for the wedding and the reception. However, you should be aware that what is perfect for the church, for the marriage ceremony – may no longer be quite suitable for a lavish wedding party.Church is a place where the creation should meet certain requirements, arising from respect for the place and the religious rite. Length, dignity of dress and appropriate elegance are key here. The same applies during the rites just before the service – during the solemn Blessing of the Parents.The wedding reception, on the other hand, is governed by its own rules. Here, the outfit can be more casual and reveal more than the outfit for the ceremony itself.The ideal solution, therefore, is a base outfit that can be quickly transformed into a comfortable yet stunning style for hours of fun.

Exclusive styling for Mom of the Wedding 2022 bride and groom – Mila Pearl suit

Unique Wedding Mom Costume for Baby’s Wedding

For every Mom of the Bride and Groom who wants to surprise her guests with her styling and feel beautiful and special – we recommend a styling based on the unique Mila Pearl suit.
Our Mila Pearl suit dedicated to the Mom of the Wedding is a styling that tastefully wraps the body, highlighting the feminine curves. At the same time, it is a perfect example of a creation that embodies chic, class and elegance, while at the same time being a creation that is respectful of place and religious rites.
The Mila Pearl pencil skirt in creamy white , knee-length, allows you to subtly highlight your shapely legs.
The crowning touch to the set is certainly the Mila Pearl style jacket, chicly decorated with silver and jeweled buttons.

The intricate embellishments used in the Mila Pearl suit,are a perfect example that “less is more”.Precise stitching and accents,give the outfit a unique, classy touch.

Elegant set for a wedding blouse and skirt

After the solemn events – the Parents’ Blessing, the wedding service and ceremony, and the official part of the wedding reception – there comes a time when both the bride and the Wedding Parents can breathe and feel more at ease.Based on the Mila Pearl suit, we can “conjure up” for the occasion – a unique, yet light and delicate outfit for the Mom of the Wedding, which will be perfect for the dancing frenzy.

What to wear to your child’s wedding?The outfit should be, above all, beautiful and comfortable!

A warm thank you to our wonderful client for the opportunity to feature her styling in this post.

By replacing the formal, jacket-like Mila Pearl set – with a simple ecru-coloured knitted blouse and complementing it with a phenomenally beautiful, airy, silk Abelia blouse in the same shade – we will quickly and stress-free build a completely new, fresh and extremely comfortable creation.

Our Gorgeous Client in Wedding styling,
silk blouse with skirt, design and bespoke tailoring at De Marco Fashion Salon. Lightening colours for the wedding mum: ivory and light ash.

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