Stylizacje na Pierwszą Komunię Dziecka dla Mamy 2022. Białe garsonki i garnitury damskie.

Styles for Mum’s First Communion 2022 white suits and women’s suits.

Baby Communion styling for Mum – Women’s white suits and suits.

The most fashionable styles for Mum’s First Communion 2022.

Around May, First Communion celebrations are celebrated in churches all over Poland. Choosing an outfit for the occasion, especially for the Mother of the child, can be difficult, due to the accepted rules that must be followed. What should you wear to look stunning, while still being appropriate to the venue and the special occasion? What styles for Mum will be fashionable for the First Communion in 2022?

Mum for baby’s communion ceremony, 2022

The women’s tailcoat combined with trousers createsan original women’s suit with an innovative cut line.

What’s not appropriate to wear to Communion?

The outfit chosen for the occasion of your child’s First Communion should certainly stand out for its respect for traditions and customs, stemming from the fact that the celebration is primarily religious in nature. It certainly culminates in the participation in a solemn Mass in the Church.For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that our dress expresses respect for the place and the rites in which we are participating. So what to beware of?Creatures that expose the body excessively and too boldly will not be appropriate. It is definitely better to “bet” on a style of an appropriate length (this can be maxi, midi or knee-length – not shorter).

If you’re comfortable with shorter styles,
choose a length that’s knee-length or slightly below the knee.
A perfect example of an appropriate length yet beautiful styling,
is the cream swimsuit from De Marco’s latest collection..

Care should also be taken not to expose cleavage and to cover the shoulders. These could distract the congregation too much from the very important events in the Presbytery of the Church.

Elegant dresses or costumes, full of chic and class, will definitely be much more appropriate.

The white Blanka women’s costume from the Jasmine collection,
combined with refined gold-coloured accessories,
stresses the solemnity and grandeur of a child’s First Communion rites.

White for a Communion for Mum? Is it possible?

Baby Communion styling for Mum – Women’s white suits and suits.

Although appearing in a creation in white at a wedding is not very welcome, there are no rules that would tell you to avoid styling in this colour at your child’s Holy Communion.As First Communion celebrations usually take place in parishes around May, it is worth smuggling this beautiful time into your chosen outfit. Especially as it is, after all, an extremely joyous occasion.

It is therefore a good idea to opt for bright, happy colours, such as pastels. If you want to create a styling coherent with the child’s communion experience, choose colours similar to white: cream, ecru or ivory, which can be successfully varied with accessories.

For your child’s First Communion, it is a good idea to choose a creation in muted yet cheerful colours. If you like to add a ‘touch of madness’ to your styling, opt for bolder or more original designs, for example. As in the seemingly classic suit with trousers, distinguished by tasteful slits a little above the knees. All this in the colour of fashionable cream white.

Styling for Mom’s Baby Communion – White suits and women’s suits. Fashion trends for 2022

Exclusive suit with trousers Eleonora

Baby Communion styling for Mum – Women’s white suits and suits.

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