De Marco Jakie sukienki są modne dla 50 latki, 60 latki...? Co proponują styliści i projektanci na ślub syna lub córki? Gdzie kupić najpiękniejsze suknie dla Mamy Wesela

The most beautiful gowns for Mom’s Glamour Weddings 2023

What dresses are fashionable for 50-year-olds, 60-year-olds…? What do stylists and designers suggest for your son or daughter’s wedding? Where to buy the most beautiful dresses for Mum Weddings

A glamour wedding and reception is a celebration primarily associated with opulence and luxury. Amidst the glamour, however, it is important to maintain moderation and style. What gown or dress should a Wedding Mum choose to look appropriate for the occasion and find herself in this fashionable trend? Here are our glamour style formal dresses dedicated to the Mum of the bride and groom.

Chic, luxurious and classy – these are the must-have features of every gown and dress for a glamour wedding. Among our exclusive suggestions of wedding creations for Mum – there is certainly a style for everyone.

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Fashionable and admired glamour style

Extremely popular and fashionable among couples planning their wedding – the glamour style is a trend that strongly refers to the 1920s in the United States, where after the Great Depression, wealthy citizens began to celebrate their wealth – by organising lavish parties and balls. The custom of organising extremely elegant and lavish celebrations soon spread throughout the world, also reaching Poland and becoming very popular, both in interior decoration and as a trend for organising parties, especially weddings and receptions.

A gorgeous, luxurious gold jacquard dress with Macarena II jacket is a creation straightforwardly made for a glamour wedding.

Luxurious styling from timeless jacquard. The noble and expensive weaving technique allows for long-lasting decorative motifs and makes the fabric more flexible thanks to its varied weaves. It is not subject to creasing despite the use of cotton yarn. It is resistant to warping and gives the figure a dignified royal appearance.

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A glamorous wedding

Choosing a leading theme for the entire celebration makes organising it much easier. This is because we have a set direction for each of the areas that need to be taken care of – from the decoration of the hall to the style of the dress. So what should characterise a glamour wedding? First and foremost, the venue should fit into the glamour theme – a hotel with an elegant hall or an elegant manor house is definitely better than a regional inn.Elegance should also characterise the entire decoration: the hall, the table arrangements or the preparation of the temple. The glamour style will certainly be emphasised by round banquet tables and an appropriate colour scheme for all decorations – led by gold, silver, white, powder pink or, more rarely, gemstone colours.

A glamour wedding also means beautiful, dignified, opulent dresses. Following in the footsteps of the bride and groom – it’s good when the guests and, above all, the parents of the bride and groom – when choosing their styling, also fit in with this exclusive theme.

Jacquard is a fabric with an extremely refined character. When using this rich material, the perfect treatment is to introduce a classic offbeat form. As exemplified by this beautifully elegant long gown jacket set with a sensual, high slit Nunilona IV – this is a majestic, luxurious styling perfect for the Mom of the Wedding for a glamorous celebration.
The most beautiful dresses for Mums Weddings made-to-measure in De Marco Sewing Kraków, Bielsko-Biała, Wrocław, Toruń, Tychy, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Katowice, Nowy Sącz, Jelenia Góra, Kamienna Góra, Lublin, Poznań, Kielce, Gorzew Wielkopolski, Wałbrzych, Gliwice, Pszczyna…. All Poland. We provide the service online!!! Check out our hairstyles on the De Marco webshop. Inspiration, photos, lots of original fashions designed by Władysława Frączek.

Dresses and gowns for Mum Weddings and guests – in glamour style

What dress for a wedding mum? How to dress for a wedding at age 50? What dresses for a wedding for a 60 year old?

Creations for a glamour wedding and reception should be in high quality, luxurious materials, full of glamour and rich embellishments. It is worth remembering that luxurious styling does not mean lack of restraint and exuding opulence. A dress for the Wedding Mum or other guests in line with the glamour trend should rather be modelled on the creations of the British aristocracy designed for balls and other most important ceremonies with their participation. Glamour dresses should be chic and classy – so avoid flashy colours, excessively revealing cuts or a multitude of frills. Simplicity is one of the most important features of a glamour dress, along with apparent opulence.

Modern suits for a wedding in the style of the British aristocracy. De Marco’s perfect royal style creations.

A glamorous glamour celebration, although strongly associated with long, exclusive maxi dresses, need not necessarily mean foregoing other lengths. We have a number of exquisite creations that fit perfectly into this theme, while also giving you the opportunity to emphasise your shapely legs more clearly.

The beautiful gold Leda dress in a midi length with a flared cut, is a gorgeous glamour style creation, perfectly highlighting feminine charms. We recommend pairing the creation with long gloves and a tasteful clutch bag to accentuate the effect.

Glamour is all about elegance and glamour – so our formal dress dedicated to Mum Heliads will be perfect. The golden colour of the jacquard fabric creation and the wonderfully spotlight-working shimmer of the glittering thread woven into the embossed patterns makes Heliads the epitome of class, chic and luxury.






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