Garnitur damski na komunię plus size, syzcie na miarę

Which women’s suit for communion?

Are you facing an important family celebration this year? Are you plagued by the questions: which women’s suits are trendy? Which colour, which cut and where to buy the styles? Then take a look at our new De Marco collection. Timeless beige women’s suit perfect for Communion 2023

Eleganckie komplety damskie ze spodniami na komunię. De Marco bezowe garnitury damskie

Women’s communion suit DE MARCO Made-to-measure.

A stylish, plain women’s suit in neutral beige is the perfect outfit for family celebrations, especially for the fast-approaching Communion 2023. This feminine suit is a style that can also become a favourite for other family occasions – weddings, christenings, anniversaries, as well as special professional and cultural events. Here are our most fashionable women’s suits for 2023.

Elegant women’s sets with trousers for communion, De Marco online shop .

A classic women’s suit with beautiful lines is the perfect base for an elegant feminine look. The smooth, beige women’s suit with Ross blouse is a great example of a creation ideal for a christening, anniversary or Holy Communion. The ability to quickly transform the suit into a creation for a wedding, for example – by making it even more luxurious with the exquisite Milena blouse, makes the women’s suit set an absolute must have for every lady.

Women’s suit perfect for communion, christening and wedding 2023

What colour suit for communion? What cut?

A woman’s outfit for a communion or wedding reception and other special family occasions should definitely be distinguished by style and exceptional elegance. Whether for a wedding, communion or christening, there is a dress code for these occasions, which should be adhered to in order to avoid any unpleasant mistakes or misunderstandings. Most family celebrations of this type involve primarily participation in ceremonies in the church. It is therefore important that the styling does not reveal too much of the body, does not distract from the ceremony with flashy colours or cuts and reflects the solemnity of the place and time.

Women’s suits are an extremely fashionable style for the Communion. They allow you to present yourself classically, elegantly and very feminine. The bright colours of our exceptional Rossa suits or Mira III beautifully emphasise beauty, rejuvenate the face, making it rested and radiant.

The elegant girl’s Mira III suit in a tailcoat type looks beautiful with a duet with a luxurious, richly embellished Milena blouse. It will be perfect as an exclusive creation for a Communion, wedding, as well as an important party or an award presentation.

Elegant women’s ensembles for communion, christenings, weddings available to order at De Marco.

Elegant women’s sets with trousers for communion.

The versatile women’s suit. The reliable way to look elegant

The women’s suit is an extremely fashionable and increasingly popular style for family celebrations. It elongates and slims the silhouette beautifully, especially in the total look (all elements in one colour). The suit is also an extremely versatile creation, which can be used to create an elegant outfit for virtually any occasion. The individual elements can be freely combined with both evening wear, formal wear and casual or business style clothing. This makes buying a luxurious, high-quality women’s suit an investment you never regret.

The Rossa women’s suit in shades of beige is not only the perfect creation for a wedding or a communion. Properly styled, in duo with a business shirt or formal blouse – it will impress whether speaking at a conference, at an exhibition opening or as everyday attire. The women’s suit in neutral beige is a truly timeless, universal set.

Elegant women’s sets with trousers for communion, weddings, christenings, meetings and work.

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Elegant women’s ensembles for communion by De Marco


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