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The most fashionable black and white formal styles – Elegance and Luxury from De Marco black & white fashion

The most fashionable Black and White formal styles – Elegance and Luxury from De Marco

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Discover the essence of timeless elegance with the De Marco brand. Our collection of black and white women’s formal styles pays homage to the classic and the avant-garde, combined in unique tailored creations. Introducing unique, on-trend black and white formal coats and luxurious women’s jackets to highlight your unique style..

Fashionable white and black formal coats

Winter days take on an elegant edge with our exclusive fancy transitional coats – sleeveless type, in black and white peplite. They are not just a garment, they are a manifesto of style and self-confidence. Perfectly tailored, they perfectly underline authority and strength of character thanks to the clearly emphasised shoulder line. Sleeveless formal jackets in the most fashionable and timeless peplite pattern are the perfect way to express yourself.

Luxury Black and White Jackets and Blazers for Women

Czarno biała marynarka, sukienka, garsonka i kostium damki De Marco

Our jackets are the essence of power and class. Sewn with attention to the finest detail, they will make you an icon of elegance. Whether in the business world or at formal events, our black and white blazers, perfectly tailored to your figure shape will make you stand out from the crowd. With its classic cut and eye-catching pattern, this piece will work perfectly for both everyday styling and for the most important professional and private occasions, invariably making a statement of your sense of style.

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Elegant Black and White Dresses

There is nothing more classic than a black and white cocktail dress. In our collection, you’ll find creations where classic meets modern, out-of-the-box approach to women’s fashion. De Marco formal dresses in a beautiful geometric black and white jacquard pattern, with a distinctive asymmetrical cut – will allow you to present yourself fashionably, unconventionally and extremely impressively – during family parties, special events, cultural events or galas.

Avant-garde Black & White Fashion for Visiting Styles. Black & White fashion

If you’re dreaming of something more avant-garde, we have a suggestion for you that combines black and white in geometric patterns. Create offbeat combinations to liven up a classic colour palette.

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Luxury and Design Precision. The most fashionable black and white styles

Our creations are not just clothes. They are a manifesto of luxury, created by the use of high quality fabrics and patterned black and white jacquard fabric. We take care of every detail so that you can feel special at every turn.Our styles are perfect for family celebrations, cultural events and business meetings. With De Marco, you are opting for versatility and enduring class.

Najmodniejszy modowy trend w stylizacjach luksusowych De Marco

Discover the power of black and white in one place. Create your own story in the most fashionable colours, thanks to the De Marco brand. Elegance to suit your life.


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