Najmodniejsze kolory na jesień zimę 2023/2024. Czerwone stylizacje De Marco sukienki, garsonki i garnitury damskie

The most fashionable colours for autumn/winter 2023/2024: De Marco’s red styles

The most fashionable colours for autumn/winter 2023/2024: De Marco’s red styles

The upcoming autumn-winter 2023/2024 season is definitely a time when there is something for everyone. Despite the cool weather both on the world’s catwalks and on the streets – it will be hot! This autumn and winter will be varied, energetic and juicy – although not exclusively so. Here are De Marco’s autumn/winter styles in shades of sensual and elegant red.

Feminine and sensual for work. De Marco’s red styles for the office. The most fashionable colours for autumn/winter 2023/2024

Red is the colour of active and courageous women. It perfectly reflects a personality full of charisma, with clear features and a leader’s temperament. So go ahead and build your outfits in red for the coming autumn/winter season. After all, red shades add energy, drive, courage and creativity – not only to ourselves, but also to our surroundings and colleagues.

Nela is a formal/business dress, which will work well not only during various professional meetings. The ease with which it can be styled and the quick transformation of a simple, yet glamorous dress for work – into a sensual formal outfit, makes it definitely a style worth having in your wardrobe. The fitted line of the pencil cut dress beautifully emphasises the feminine figure, while the material used – a viscose blend refined with lycra – ensures an impeccable appearance, comfort of wear and appropriate wrapping of the body – so that even imperfections are not a problem for us. The Nela business/casual dress perfectly showcases what is most beautiful about us.

Ekskluzywne garsonki i kostiumy damskie od polskiego projektanta z De Marco. Czerwone stylizacje szyte na miarę. Luksusowa polska marka.

Red is a colour full of warmth and energy, but it is also a shade of extraordinary strength, showing determination and great ambition. It is therefore advisable to use red deliberately at work, when you want to make a clear presence or be bold. The coming autumn and winter is the perfect opportunity to put a strong professional stamp on your temperament and charisma. Our red Maura II women’s costume will therefore work perfectly. The well-thought-out cut and perfectly designed line – testify to the professionalism and competence desired in leadership positions.

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De Marco’s most fashionable autumn/winter formal styles in shades of red

Fiery red is also the perfect choice for a variety of family celebrations, cultural events and parties – where we have a representative function. The autumn-winter weather is a great opportunity to present yourself in outfits full of energy and joy, which offer an alternative to the often overwhelming reality.

Kobieco i zmysłowo do pracy. Czerwone stylizacje De Marco do biura. Jesień Zima

The Natana II sleeve dress is a perfect proposal with a classic, graceful and unforced elegance cut. The long sleeve provides a pleasant wrap and comfort even on noticeably colder days. The beautiful flared skirt of the Natana II dress – perfectly shapes the silhouette, and in the case of figures with more massive thighs or buttocks – perfectly masks them. All this, in a shade of beautiful, sensual and eye-catching red.

The women’s set Lorina is the quintessence of the invigorating energy of red, which will be the hit of the upcoming autumn/winter 2023/2024 season. Lightness, comfort and the unique charm of sensual femininity combined with a stunning jacket. A styling simply made for the special moments of autumn or winter, in a fashionable colour.

Elegant formal dress with a beautiful pleated bottom and unique sleeves. De Marco elegant Ofelia II dress.

Elegancka czerwona sukienka na wesele i nie tylko De Marco luksusowa polska marka

For special family occasions, e.g. autumn or winter weddings – the seductive red Massalia dress with a flared cut will look great. A beautiful, extremely deep neckline finished with semi-transparent, flesh-coloured fabric – will delight and make your heart beat faster.

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Najmodniejsze kolory na jesień zimę 2023/2024. Czerwone stylizacje De Marco


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