Iwona Gibas w czerwonej rozkloszowanej sukience De Marco

Ms Iwona Gibas in a red flared De Marco dress

Red formal dress by De Marco

The De Marco flared dress is an absolute must-have for any elegant woman. With its simple cut, perfect lines and energetic colour, it’s a fashion “recipe for success”, whether you’re meeting up with friends or for important celebrations.

Jak wygląda sukienka dyplomatyczna? Eleganckie wizytowe szyte na miarę w De Marco wice marszałek Pani Iwona Gibas w czerwonej sukience od Pani Władzi z Frydrychowic.

Always stylish and elegant – Ms Iwona Gibas, Member of the Board of the Małopolska Region, during the ceremonial celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Volunteer Fire Brigade unit in the Chełmek municipality. Tailored De Marco’s flared formal dress, emphasises the beauty of the hourglass figure.

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De Marco flared maxi dress. Timeless and stylish

The tailor-made blouson dress is a timeless model that never goes out of fashion. The secret of its enduring popularity lies above all in its versatility, both in terms of its use on different body types and its ability to be used for a variety of occasions. The elegant simplicity of the classic long formal dress with a flared cut means that, depending on the accessories used, it can be used for a casual meeting with friends, a romantic date, as well as for important professional or cultural occasions where we perform representative functions. The right choice of high-quality materials and tailored sewing, combined with this extremely popular cut – can give truly spectacular results.

Polskie wizytowe sukienki De Marco Szycie na miarę w Salonie Mody we Frydrychowicach k. Wadowic

The simplicity and nobility of the flared cut of De Marco’s formal dresses, regardless of the colour scheme, draws the eye and attention, highlighting the beauty of the female silhouette. In the picture – the Natana II sleeve flared dress, beautiful and delicate flared Kalina dress or the stunning green flared cocktail dress Leokadia II..

De Marco’s flared formal dress for every figure

Stylish and subtle, De Marco’s cocktail dresses and formal dresses with a flared cut are creations that are perfect for virtually any figure. Beautifully and extremely femininely shaped in the lower parts of the dress, it skilfully covers up parts of the body that may be problematic for some women – while perfectly emphasising what is most beautiful about the figure.

Wizytowa sukienka De Marco. Atelier Władysławy Frączek Sklep On-line

The flared cut of formal dresses is a great option for virtually any body type. Ladies with pronounced thighs or buttocks can cover them up neatly, at the same time shifting the emphasis to a beautiful bust or a tempting waistline. The emphasised waist also looks perfect on rather boyish figures (without pronounced curves) or for women whose shoulder line is the dominant area. The flare in formal cocktail dresses will ensure that the emphasis is on the waist, adding a bit of “roundness” to the hip line and also optically evening out the width of the shoulders – by deliberately emphasising the lower parts. Pictured: our beautiful flared midi length business dress Odile..

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Red formal dress with a flared cut. Ideal styling for a variety of occasions

The combination of an unusually characterful and energetic red colour with the timeless classic of a flared cut makes the outfit chosen by our client, Iwona Gibas, impossible to ignore.

Iwona Gibas w czerwonej rozkloszowanej sukience De Marco

Ms Iwona Gibas, Member of the Board of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, invariably creates memorable styles that are at the same time delightful in their simplicity and subtlety.

The red flared dress is a creation of extraordinary energy and exceptional elegance. The power of this combination of the classic cut and the strength of the colour is also well known by the Princess of Wales, Catherine, and the wife of the King of Spain, Queen Letizia, among others, who are considered models of modern elegance.


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