The most fashionable dresses and ensembles for the wedding 2023

De Marco Polish made-to-measure dresses and sets for weddings.

They suit practically all beauty types and allow you to create a glamorous look full of feminine charm. They are ideal for major events and celebrations, especially the special moments of a wedding and reception. Here are luxurious outfit suggestions for the 2023 wedding reception in trendy pastel shades.

Gorgeous pastel gowns perfect for anniversaries, galas or exceptional wedding reception moments from Polish designer Wladyslawa Frączek.

Pastel dress – or what kind of dress? Pastel dresses for a wedding

Exclusive tailor-made dresses and sets for the wedding – De Marco Polish premium brand.

Pastel-coloured outfits or dress sets are definitely the perfect choice for special occasions. Pastel colours are those with a high white content – which gives them the character of a ‘soft’, warm, extremely delicate and feminine colour. These are colours that are bright, but not intense or bright.

Luxurious Sun feather dress and sleek minimalist evening gown by Nunilona: De Marco SHOP Polish dresses and gowns for wedding 2023. The most fashionable styles for the mother of the groom or the bride.

Pastel powder pink is always impressive and looks beautiful on ladies of most colour types. As is the case with the phenomenal Sun feather dress, shimmering beautifully in the light – thanks to the intricate sequin embellishments on the embroidery. The Sun dress is the perfect option for a wedding reception, especially dedicated to the Mum of the Wedding.

Sibyl natural silk gown

De Marco the premium luxury Polish brand. Silk evening gowns from a Polish designer.

Styling in pastel tones for the 2023 wedding. Trendy heather styles for the wedding mother.

De Marco modne suknie dla mamy weselnej.

Pastels allow you to build styles that draw attention with unforced elegance and chic. They work beautifully on the skin – brightening it up and making it look rejuvenated and rested. They also fit in perfectly with the joyful, hopeful – character of the celebrations. Pastel dresses, suits or ensembles go well with the white that reigns at the wedding and reception, but also with dignified elegant greys or greens.

A beautifully elegant heather Ronja columned gown with a slit and sensual back neckline, complete with a designer floral arrangement.

Pastel exit dress for Mom’s Wedding with 3/4 sleeves Natana.

The most fashionable minimalist wedding dresses for mum and mother-in-law by De Marco

Where to buy a wedding dress for your mum? View De Marco’s latest collection of luxury dresses and ensembles for the wedding.

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Fashionable pastel sets from Polish designer Władysława Frączek

Soft, bleached colours look great in a chic, formal version. If for family celebrations, weddings, christenings or anniversaries – or other formal occasions, we prefer an elegant set with trousers or a costume – pastels will also be an excellent option. Combining the seriousness and more formal character of a set with trousers or a women’s costume, with soft, delicate pastel colours – will build a unique, charming creation.

De Marco Exclusive formal suits, dresses and ensembles for weddings.

For lovers of the softness of pastels and sets with trousers, we recommend our beautiful lilac Erna jacket paired with elegant white suit trousers. For lovers of coat-dress sets – Marion..

Romantic dresses and ensembles for the wedding. Exclusive wedding creations for Mom of the groom or bride

Pastels are also an extremely popular and fashionable theme for wedding receptions. It forms the basis for a lavish reception or appears as an essential element of trends such as – glamour, boho-chic or a rustic theme.

A chic, luxurious powder pink Luna II dress perfect for the Mum of the Wedding.

Elegant wedding dresses for mums shop for exclusive Polish women’s clothing from De Marco.

Beautiful Oksana wedding dress

Unique Polish dresses for the woman in her fifties designed and made-to-measure at the De Marco bridal fashion salon.

Elegant wedding dresses for mums shop De Marco.

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Wondering what colour dress for the wedding mother? Where to buy a wedding dress for the mother? Be inspired by De Marco’s heather collection of the most fashionable dresses and gowns for weddings. Exclusive dresses for the wedding mother sewn for every unusual size. 






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