The most fashionable dresses for prom 2023

Unique tailor-made prom dresses. The most fashionable dresses for prom 2023

For high school graduates entering adulthood – prom is a unique and one-of-a-kind event. What prom dress should you choose to look stylish and fashionable? How do you want to look original and feminine? Here are our unique proposals for long evening dresses – perfect for the prom.

The perfect long evening gown for prom –
stunning in simplicity and sensuality Frederick’s prom dress.

De Marco Exclusive prom dresses

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Prom dress. What to look for when choosing a prom dress?

The prom, traditionally held 100 days before graduation, is definitely a unique and one-of-a-kind event that remains in the memory for a lifetime. Young men are looking for the perfect suit, and women entering adulthood are looking for the most fashionable and unique dress that will perfectly emphasise their figure and highlight their beauty. In order to choose a prom dress that will allow us to feel and look beautiful during the entire, very unique evening – it is worth remembering a few unwritten rules, which can greatly facilitate our choice.

When choosing the perfect prom dress, it is important to remember that although there is a lot of freedom, you are attending a ball – and therefore the dress should reflect the special occasion. Although there is no strict dress code, it is worth opting for a maxi length gown such as the beautiful Erasmus II prom gown – which fits perfectly with the elegance and seriousness of the event.

Prom dress. Cocktail or evening?

The most beautiful prom dresses: the online shop of Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

De Marco Exclusive prom dresses

The main issue to consider is the cut and length of the dress. Although there is no rigid rule or dress code for the prom occasion – it is worth remembering that it is a unique party with a ball character. The chosen styling should therefore definitely correspond to the character of the event. The most appropriate outfit will therefore be a long ball gown or evening dress – depending on your figure, type of beauty and individual needs. A shorter cocktail dress will also work well, but it is important to ensure that it is made from high-quality, more sumptuous and refined fabrics.

One of our beautiful young clients – chose for herself the long Idalia evening gown – beautifully slimming the figure and subtly exposing the bust and shoulder line. The sumptuous, shimmering silver fabric makes this a style that requires little in the way of accessories – it sits beautifully on the silhouette, and the shimmering fabric reflects the light delightfully.

How to dress for the prom? The right colours

In order to look back on your prom photos with delight years later, it is worth planning a prom hairstyle that is not just the result of current trends. Rather, the colour scheme should be guided by individual circumstances, your beauty type and the occasion. The colours that are classically considered most suitable for the prom are certainly the colours associated with classic evening dresses: black, red, violets, greens, sapphires, silver and gold. The most important thing, however, is to choose the right shade of dress for your beauty type – so that the colour works to your advantage and your skin looks radiant. – and the skin looks radiant, rested and well-groomed.

Frederick’s classic evening black ball gown – is complemented by a delicate and highly striking silver thread, making the gown work beautifully in the light, drawing attention with a subtle sparkle.

The perfect fit for your figure. Made-to-measure prom dress

Even the most beautiful evening or prom dress in which we present ourselves at the prom will not make the right impression – if it is not perfectly tailored to our figure. So in addition to choosing the right type of gown for your figure, it is worth ensuring that it is sewn with due attention to detail and perfectly tailored to your individual measurements. In order to make sure that the dress will harmonise with your figure – we recommend opting for a bespoke sewing service. In this way, the creation will certainly be perfectly tailored and comfortable.

The most fashionable long gown from designer 2023

The perfect fit to your figure is key, for a spectacular effect.
Lorena II evening gown 

The right accessories for your prom dress. How to style your prom evening gown?

Choosing the right prom dress is not everything. For the effect to be stunning and unforgettable – you also need to take care of the “finishing touches” of the whole outfit – the right shoes, handbag, cover-up, as well as jewellery and make-up. Even though you are attending your first, serious ball, you have to find the right balance between seriousness and the resulting elegance of the event, and youth and a touch of age-related madness. Therefore, avoid heavy, age-enhancing “dressing”. An evening dress for the prom will look much better with a fresh, radiant make-up or hairstyle than with a look that clearly adds years and seriousness.

The styling for prom, must be a skilful combination of seriousness and elegance and youthful joy, energy and freshness. A perfect example is one of our clients, who combined the beautiful Idalia evening gown with a fresh, feminine hairstyle and glamorous evening make-up.

Exclusive prom dresses from Polish designer De Marco. Luxury clothing brand.

The most fashionable long gown from designer 2023






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