Najmodniejsze sukienki koktajlowe i nowoczesne garsonki w kolorze lila, wrzos, fiolet, róż. Sklep Internetowy De Marco

The most fashionable dresses and modern suits in lilac, purple, heather

The most fashionable lilac-coloured creations, for which celebrations and who they suit.

The most fashionable lilac creations, which are currently very popular, are a special occasion for all women. This noble colour, in shades of soft purple or cool pink, will add elegance and subtlety to any outfit. Particularly in late summer and early autumn, when the complexion is tanned, lilac looks particularly favourable, giving the complexion a radiant and healthy look.

Markowe polskie ubrania dobrej jakości. De Marco luksusowa odzież damska szyta na miarę

Fashionable floral styles, polish dresses and sets with skirt

Heather, cool pink, purple, lilac, suit different beauty types, emphasising a woman’s beauty. Look out for fantastic creations that we can use for various celebrations and gatherings. For example, a cocktail dress with beautiful floral patterns on a light cream background is the perfect styling for holidays, Sunday afternoons or even vintage rustic boho weddings.

Floral creations fit perfectly into romantic and feminine images, ideal for informal gatherings such as parties or meetings with friends. The light and airy fabric in a beautiful floral print allows us to create very romantic styling, adding to the confidence.

Exclusive modern women’s suits

Another suggestion is a formal suit in cool pink and glowing heather. This styling is perfect for business meetings, corporate presentations, business galas, trade fairs and scientific symposiums. It is an elegant creation that adds vigour and rejuvenates, and is perfect for the perception of our complexion.

De Marco elegant Polish made-to-measure women’s clothing in Frydrychowice. Order from the online shop.

Let’s not forget the beautiful handmade buttons with crystals that will enrich the whole look, giving it a noble touch. Jewellery pieces are perfect for glamour suits, which perfectly break up the classic business women’s outfit.

Lilac-coloured creations are the perfect choice for all kinds of celebrations and meetings. These can range from weddings and christenings to presentations, lectures or family gatherings. A luxurious suit for a mother or mother-in-law at a wedding, or an elegant set for a headmistress at school or a rector at university – all of these creations in delicate purple, heather or lilac will perfectly accentuate the silhouette and work well at official occasions.

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The most fashionable dresses and modern suits

De Marco luksusowa odzież damska szyta na miarę Kraków, Warszawa, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Poznań, Wrocław

If you are dreaming of an elegant, original style, lilac is a colour that will add uniqueness and class to any outfit. That’s why we encourage you to experiment with this fashionable colour to express your individuality and feel special at every occasion. Let lilac become your ally in creating unforgettable and elegant styles.


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