Eleganckie sukienki i suknie balowe na wesele w zimie. Ekskluzywne i najpiękniejsze stylizacje dla matki wesela.

The most fashionable dresses for a wedding in winter

Wedding mum, dresses for wedding in winter.

The winter landscape provides a wonderful backdrop for hosting your dream wedding reception. However, how to dress for the occasion when the temperature is not conducive?What styling for a winter wedding would be best?Here are some of our suggestions for the most beautiful dresses for a wedding in December.

Wedding dress code

The generally accepted norms for styling for special events and especially weddings – also apply in winter.Every bridal creation, regardless of the season, should be suitably elegant and appropriate to the occasion. This means that care should be taken to ensure that our outfit not only does not overshadow the bride’s creation, but also does not expose the body in an overly obvious way.We should therefore avoid large necklines or very short dresses that leave no room for imagination.

If we decide to highlight the assets of our silhouette,
remember to do in good taste.
The exclusive long dress Nila, will allow you to highlight
your feminine beauty while maintaining style and elegance.

Dress for a winter wedding – how to choose?Dress for a winter wedding – how to choose?

In view of the changeable weather and often quite low temperatures, it is advisable to opt for a dress in which you will feel beautiful, but which at the same time will provide you with the necessary comfort.Wedding dresses with straps are better left for other, less formal summer events.

A stunning long evening gown by Juno.
Elegance, simplicity of cut, combined with a unique,
ornamental design.

Winter wedding – colour in the leading role

If you want to present yourself uniquely at a wedding reception in winter, it is a good idea to opt for an eye-catching look – whether in a bold colour or an unusual model line.

In the late autumn and winter months, we are often not spoilt for choice when it comes to colours, which is why a look based on strong colours that are matched to our colour type is sure to be remembered positively.

The Yvonne cocktail dress combines a fancy,
saturated sapphire colour with an interesting cut,
beautifully shaped for dancing.

Classy and chic, with a hint of refreshing colour –
the elegant Patricia II dress from our Christian IX collection

Outerwear – an essential item

A wedding and reception organised in the autumn and winter months, due to the surrounding weather, entails taking care of more than just the essential outfit itself. The question of choosing the right outer garment will also be crucial.

If we are determined to go for a short-sleeved creation,
let’s choose for a wedding in winter, such a creation,
that will go beautifully with a warm outer garment.
A good example of this is the Lorena II ball gown –
which will look stunning with luxurious fur.

It is therefore worth remembering already at the stage of selecting the outfit itself, that light, airy materials do not look very good in the company of a coat or fur.Therefore, choose good quality – thicker fabrics. This will create a cohesive, elegant look that doesn’t appear casual.

Patricia long-sleeved pencil midi dress in maroon.
It will look beautiful with an overcoat,
while making an impression with its sophisticated lines and stunning deep colour.

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