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Fuchsia for the bold. Women’s formal coats by De Marco

Elegant women’s coats

Member of the Board of the Malopolska Region, Ms Iwona Gibas in our asymmetrical coat.

Fuchsia is a colour that is bold, vibrant and definitely full of energy. It is certainly the colour of choice for women with passion and temperament, who go through life with style.

It comes as no surprise, then, that this was the colour chosen by our illustrious client, Member of the Board of the Malopolska Region, Ms Iwona Gibas, presenting herself in a stunning asymmetrical coat during the signing of the agreements on cooperation for the development of the economic forum in Krynica-Zdrój.

Member of the Management Board of the Malopolska Region Ms Iwona Gibas presented herself in Krynica Zdrój in an original styling in fuchsia and black.
source: upjp2.edu.pl

Fuchsia – expressive and versatileThe classic colour known as fuchsia is an intense vivid pink, with touches of blue and red. It represents a lighter variation of the colour purple.

It owes its name to the ornamental flowers of the evening primrose family, which in turn honours the German botanist Leonhart Fuchs.

Suitably colour-coordinated, the fuchsia-coloured creations are perfect for both everyday styling and more formal and formal outfits.

The secret here is to skilfully juxtapose this energetic and expressive colour with others, preferably ones that will provide a discreet backdrop for it.

Among these, the classic colours such as whites, beiges, creams and greys are sure to stand out in particular. The enormous energy message hidden in fuchsia is certainly also beautifully calmed by elegant black.

A fuchsia-coloured dress, costume, coat or jacket skilfully matched with accessories in other colours can produce spectacular effects.A perfect example of this is the styling of our client, Ms Iwona Gibas, at the signing ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement for the Development of the Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój.

Source: tarnowska.tv

Design and styling

Expressive and bold, yet stunningly beautiful, the styling was based on an original jacket, designed in our Fashion Showroom, on special order.

In addition to the unobvious, yet decidedly eye-catching and awe-inspiring colour, the model’s lines are equally original and bold.

What makes our coat unique is first and foremost the tailoring craftsmanship – allowing a perfect fit to the silhouette and the use of asymmetry, as bold as the colouring itself.

The result is a beautiful design that is a wonderful reflection of the energy, courage and joy that characterise our client so perfectly.

Source: tarnowska.tv

We warmly invite you to take advantage of the custom styling and design options available on our website – under Design and Styling.

We would like to thank our client, Ms Iwona Gibas, for using our service again and congratulate her on yet another stunning hairstyle!

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