Elegancka stylizacja Pierwszej Damy Agaty Dudy: czarno biała sukienka w zestawie z płaszczem. Sklep internetowy De Marco. Projektantka W. Frączek

The most fashionable formal creations. The First Lady in an ensemble from De Marco.

Elegant set of clothes.
Dress set with coat. The most fashionable formal creations.

Agatha Duda’s elegant styling dress paired with a coat. De Marco presents a dress with a coat in a distinctive black and white pattern. This unique set was chosen by the Madam President for a concert in Warsaw.
The Letya coat and Ramira dress is a black and cream set with a fuzzy pepita pattern. The dress is sewn from a fabric with a very saturated black colour. The heavily contoured cut accentuates the figure. The set includes a coat to go with the dress.  The cut of the coat is sewn in such a way that the dress is visible. The use of an interesting clasp at the waist ensures perfect form and presence.
First Lady Agata Kornhauser Duda stepped out in a creation by our brand at the concert “Wsłuchując się w Papieża” . The styling was commented on by, among others, “Plejada”.
Photojournalists captured the Presidential Couple in the photos. The President looked perfect and the media did not spare any words of praise.  https://plejada.pl/newsy/agata-duda-i-jej-stylizacja-z-koncertu-wsluchujac-sie-w-papieza-zdjecia/vxs53sz
The Hawk Post commented on the First Lady’s styling as follows:…. “Agata Duda once again proved that she is a style icon. This coat is a real hit! “

De Marco sukienki, płaszcze, etole. Jesienne stylizacje na bal. Elegancki komplet odzieży. Sukienka w zestawie z płaszczem. Najmodniejsze kreacje wizytowe.


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