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A really elegant dress for your daughter/son’s wedding.

A really elegant dress for your daughter/son’s wedding. The most fashionable wedding dresses in precious green for Mom Weddings

The most fashionable dresses for a wedding

Every Mum preparing for her Daughter/Son’s wedding, wants to look stunning on the day too. So which dress to choose for your child’s wedding? How to look fashionable and very chic at the same time? Here are some suggestions for exclusive green dresses for Mom Weddings 2022.

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How to look elegant, chic and feminine at your daughter/son’s wedding? In our Atelier, we will help you choose a creation suitable for the occasion and your body type. All this in order to create a styling that will delight those gathered and allow the Mom of the Wedding to feel beautiful and special.
In the picture: captivating creations for the wedding, in noble green, available in our De Marco online store.

An elegant dress for your Daughter/Son’s wedding. How do you choose the perfect creation?

Finding the perfect outfit for your child’s wedding celebration is as important a task as choosing the bride’s outfit. Of course, it’s definitely the bride and groom’s day and when making styling choices, it’s important to keep this in mind. However, it is important to be aware of the important role the parents of the bride and groom play on the wedding day. So when planning the theme of the wedding, the course of the ceremony, the seating of the guests or when considering the décor elements – it is worthwhile to make sure that the Mums of the bride and groom choose the right outfit well in advance.

An exclusive green dress for Kaliope’s wedding.
Simplicity and elegance, in a beautiful jewel tones green colour.

A wedding dress for Mum. A joint choice with the bride

One of the best tips to follow when choosing a dress for your child’s wedding is to follow the bride and groom. Just as the bride eagerly accepts help in organising her wedding and reception, or choosing her dream wedding dress – it is worth asking her daughter or future daughter-in-law for help. Especially since she herself knows best what kind of wedding she dreams of. Will it be a wedding with a rustic, classic or perhaps glamour theme? The style of the wedding, the prevailing atmosphere, will be a valuable hint in choosing the perfect dress for Mum.

How to dress for your child’s wedding? Colour matters

The most fashionable dresses for a wedding De Marco Green mid-calf dress Leokadia II

The perfect dress for your Daughter/Son’s wedding should, of course, resonate with us, our personality and also the colour type we represent. Guided by knowing ourselves, what we feel and look good in – we will certainly make a great choice. It’s also worth discussing with both the bride and groom, as well as with the matchmakers (parents of the future son or daughter-in-law) – which colours to consider, so that the prevailing colours of the wedding hall, the decorations, but also (very importantly) the other creations, harmonise with each other.It is an unwritten custom that the first colour of the creation is chosen by the Mother of the Bride, then this decision is made by the Mother of the Groom. Because of the many joint appearances, photos, etc. – it is worth ensuring that the creations of the Mums of the bride and groom, correspond with each other in colour and style, in which the ceremony is planned.

The exquisite Dalida pencil formal dress for the Mom of the Wedding. A royal emerald colour and an elegant cut highlighted by a stunning embellishment at the top of the creation. In the Dalida dress the Mother of the Bride and Groom will look great, for example at a classic style wedding.

Exclusive, classic Susanna pencil dress with jewellery embellished belt.
Vintage dress in royal green.

Green styling for Baby’s wedding. Second creation after midnight

Increasingly, like brides, Mums are also opting for two creations. The first, due to the more formal nature of the initial wedding celebrations – the Blessing, the Service in the Church and the first part of the wedding reception, is usually a more formal, formal outfit. If you are indeed planning two styles – it is worth considering one that will also correspond with each other.

Jewel tones, or shades of precious stones such as emerald green, blend beautifully with neutral colours to create mesmerising sets. It’s worth taking advantage of this when planning your creation for the formal part of your nuptials and wedding.
In the picture: elegant Maudia II set.

The elegant Kira costume will not only work as a tasteful set for the Mum of the Wedding for the bridal party.

Great figure-flattering modern Lisa I suit, for the Mom of the Wedding, in a noble, sensual green colour. A perfect creation for the Blessing, the Service at the Church and the initial, formal parts of the wedding reception.

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