Najmodniejsze sukienki na wesele na lato 2022

The most fashionable wedding dresses for summer 2023

The most fashionable wedding dresses for summer 2023

Summertime is a time of year packed with special, fun-filled family events. These are by far the most popular months in the wedding calendar. Which wedding outfit to choose, for those hot days and nights? How do you dress for a wedding in summer to look and feel spectacularly beautiful, yet supremely comfortable? Here are our luxury wedding styles for summer 2023.

Dress for a sky-coloured wedding

The most fashionable wedding dresses for summer 2023 light and airy!

Summer is definitely associated with sunshine and gorgeous blue skies. This is also the case with our light blue styling for the Sara III wedding. This feminine, flared midi length dress will make us look radiant and youthful. The refined cut of the Sara III summer exit dress, combines a figure-enhancing feminine line with girlish charm.

An enchanting, ultra-romantic blue flared dress for the Sara III wedding.

The richly embellished top semi-sheer layer of the Sara III midi dress, with its floral motif, is a staple for styling a party, anniversary or wedding. Complete the look with occasion-appropriate stilettos or finer jewellery and you will attract admiring glances. The relaxed, yet form-fitting line will ensure hours of uninterrupted fun on the dance floor.

Wedding reception dress in royal sapphire colour

If we are looking for a creation that is not only beautiful, but also extremely distinctive, which will reflect our personality – it is worth paying attention to the unique creation in the colour of royal sapphire. The flared dress for the Sara II wedding is an exclusive dress distinguished by chic, rich embroidery with floral motifs. The sapphire shade is a combination of noble elegance with boldness and passion, reminiscent of the colours of a stormy sea.

Luxurious Sara II wedding dress in a precious sapphire colour.

The Sara II formal dress is an airy styling for women with strong characters, who value freedom and stand out with charisma. An exceptional creation for exceptional women!

Beautiful azure dress for a wedding

A light azure shade, it’s a colour primarily associated with relaxed, wonderfully happy days by the warm sea. This is also the case with our Molly wedding cocktail dress. With its asymmetrical cut, original buffet sleeves with cut-outs and delightful colour – this is a creation simply made for celebrating special, joyful moments, full of fun and dancing. The luxurious, lavishly embellished lace fabric gives the creation a truly ballsy feel. Molly is a cocktail dress for weddings that fits phenomenally when danced.

The most fashionable wedding dresses for summer 2023

A lovely cocktail dress for Molly’s wedding.

These and other unique creations created with passion by fashion designer Władysława Frączek, you can order directly by contacting our salon..


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