Najmodniejszy garnitur damski na 2022

The most fashionable women’s suit for 2022

The most fashionable women’s suits 2022

Women’s suits are not only beautiful and elegant, they are also extremely practical – depending on the accessories and styling, we can wear them whether for a business meeting, a romantic dinner or an important celebration.How to wear a women’s suit to look spectacular? Is a women’s suit suitable for a wedding? Is a women’s suit suitable for plus size styling?

A stunning crimson women’s suit Ellen I
from the Diamond collection.

The perfect creation for both business meetings and evening parties.

Women’s suit – why is it worth it?Women’s suit – why is it worth it?

The women’s suit is a creation that, despite changes and various trends in the fashion world, never “goes out of style”.Since it was popularised by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966, it has continued to be an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe, combining comfort, elegance and sensuality.

Najmodniejsze garnitury damskie 2022

Exclusive Hana II women’s suit.

The popularity of the women’s suit should come as no surprise. Well-cut and matched to the type of colour and silhouette – it is an invaluable aid in building the right proportions.Women’s suits will look perfect both for a pear-shaped lady and those with a petite, even filigree figure.A well-fitted women’s suit will look great as a plus-size outfit, both casual and for special occasions.

Visually elegant women’s suit for any occasion

A huge advantage of a women’s suit is its practicality. Although it is often a bigger investment, if you opt for an artfully sewn model in high-quality materials – it is definitely worth having in your wardrobe.

Although the suit is most strongly associated with business attire – that is, a set with a decidedly formal character – even for everyday wear it will be the perfect choice.

Ellen women’s suit – complete with bolder accessories
and stilettos in a saturated colour- great for New Year’s Eve for example .

The women’s suit offers great styling possibilities.Complemented with a plain knitted blouse or a classic white shirt, it will successfully work as business attire, adding structure and an impression of professionalism. Such an outfit is likely to add prestige at work, sending a clear message about our character and competence. A suit complemented with a lace blouse or another, bolder top and sensual accessories, will serve as a stunning styling for carnival parties, New Year’s Eve parties and even Wiligia.

Evening black, sensual Hana II trouser set and Ann II trouser suit

When preparing for a romantic stroll or a casual meeting – we can style the suit to be decidedly more casual and light-hearted, for example by combining it with a fun T-shirt and stylish sneakers. A casual women’s suit or jacket can positively surprise and be met with real appreciation.

Total look for special occasions

A women’s suit will look great in a total look. What is it?The trend is called the total look, which is nothing more than a monochromatic styling, i.e. one colour.This is an eye-catcher, especially if you choose an unobvious but intriguing colour, such as mustard.

Keeping the whole look in one colour can slenderise the silhouette beautifully.

To make the style even more original, it is worth introducing a combination of textures, patterns and applications, while maintaining a consistent colour scheme. A suit styled in this way will be a great composition, in which we will be able to pose in style, for example at a wedding or an important party.

Najmodniejsze garnitury damskie 2022

The gorgeous, pink Nineveh III Women’s Suit
complemented with accessories in the same colour,
will make a stunning total look trend styling.

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