Luksusowe garsonki dla mamy Wesela na ślub syna lub córki. Sklep De Marco

This season’s exclusive HIT! De Marco’s luxurious jacquard suits for Mom Weddings

Luxurious suits for Mom Weddings De Marco exclusive women’s bespoke clothing from the Wladyslawa Frączek atelier

Looking for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind creation for your Child’s wedding, organised in autumn style. Are you planning a vintage style creation for your Son or Daughter’s wedding and reception? Dreaming of a gorgeous glamour style creation? Here are De Marco’s stunning jacquard styles, dedicated to Mom’s wedding – in the enchanting colours of white, brown and gold.

Najpiękniejsze ekskluzywne nowoczesne garsonki dla mamy i teściowej wesela. Szanowna Pani Justyna Haczkur w nowoczesnej garsonce szytej na miarę.

Perfectly tailored to the figure, delighting with elegance and chic glamour. Such is the styling of our wonderful client – the honourable Ms Justyna Haczkur, tailor-made in Atelier De Marco. The creation designed by Władysława Frączek – a suit for the Mother of the Wedding Kallista, in duet with a perfectly tailored suit in a shade of chocolate brown – can be a perfect example of a coherent, unusual and absolutely charming styling for the Parents of the Bride and Groom.
De Marco’s suits are also about great attention to detail – as evidenced, for example, by the perfectly finished bell sleeves, which are also perfectly finished on the inside – in jacquard.

De Marco’s elegant jacquard dress and suit for the Wedding Mum. The most beautiful dresses for the wedding from a Polish designer

The legendary French fashion designer Christian Dior used to say that “elegance is the perfect combination of refinement, naturalness, attention to detail and simplicity”. So, when looking for the perfect dress or cocktail dress, for the most important celebrations – headed by your child’s wedding and reception, it is worth exercising restraint and building styles that attract attention with quality and simplicity at the same time. The most beautiful formal, cocktail or evening outfits – do not need a lot of accessories and eye-catching richness. A great example of this are De Marco’s jacquard dresses and suits designed by Władysława Frączek, based on subdued colours of broken white, gold and brown, created from combined materials.

Eleganckie sukienki i garsonki dla mamy i teściowej wesela De Marco luksusowa polska marka odzieżowa

Hymena I jacquard set, Hymena jacquard dress,cream maxi dress Urania or the exclusive fancy-line Kaliksta dress are examples of Wladyslawa Frączek De Marco designs – which dazzle with exquisite jacquard and the softness of cream white. Whether you’re going for an autumnal, boho -glam, glamorous or vintage style wedding – the styles for Mom’s De Marco weddings will catch the eye and delight. Thanks to the use of jacquard fabric with a motif alluding to the beauty of nature – the styling based on them is a timeless creation and does not require many accessories.

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Sophisticated elegance in feminine style. The most fashionable jacquard creations for Mom’s De Marco weddings

Luxury Suits for Mom Weddings

A common feature of De Marco’s creations from the Royal Collection, in shades of white, brown or gold, is the use of a beautiful, extremely refined jacquard fabric. Jacquard has been used both for entire pieces, such as in the Hymena I set, and as a part of the styling or its finishing touch – e.g. in the Urania cream maxi formal dress dedicated to the bride’s mother.

Ekskluzywna polska marka odzieżowa De Marco. Szykowne garsonki, sukienki z płaszczykami szyte na miarę w Salonie Mody De Marco

Jacquard fabric works well both in complete creations based on it and as a part of them – providing a counterbalance and a kind of complement to subdued plain modules. For a glamour wedding or an autumn theme, for example, the Urania jacquard coat in combination with the ethereal Urania dress orthe unique Felicja suit will be perfect. .

Eleganckie unikatowe wizytowe sukienki De Marco szyte na miarę. Szykowne i luksuowe sukienki na wesele dla pani po 50 tce, 60 tce, 70 tce

Jacquard formal dresses or suits from the Royal Collection, such as the Hymena dress orFelicia costume – also highlight the beauty of a woman’s figure.

Luxury Suits for Mom Weddings. Made-to-measure

As Christian Dior emphasised: ‘A dress is like the ephemeral work of an architect, created to emphasise the proportions of a woman’s body. De Marco’s jacquard creations in shades of white, gold and brown are designed so that the combination of materials – jacquard and a creamy, sheer top – accentuates the waist as beautifully as possible. At the same time, the jacquard adds character and brings out the charm of the feminine curves of the hips and buttocks.

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De Marco’s exclusive creations dedicated to the Mother of the Bride and Groom are luxurious styling in a timeless, truly royal style. Our tailored in Poland suits, formal dresses, cocktail dresses and evening dresses or suits and jumpsuits – the perfect opportunity to fill your wardrobe with stunning outfits, for any occasion.
We offer exquisite clothing for women at home and abroad – both in the offer of tailored sewing stationary in the Atelier, as well as made-to-measure sewing on request, via the web shop.
De Marco is a guarantee of unconventional, original style and top quality.


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