Wedding and glamour wedding. The most fashionable exclusive styles for Mom Weddings

The most fashionable exclusive dresses for Mom Weddings

The glamour wedding is one of the most popular trends among wedding and reception organising couples. It delights with elegance, opulence and class. The creations, not only for the bride and groom, but also for the Mom of the Wedding should also stand out with exceptional elegance and luxury. How to choose the perfect creation for the Mother of the Bride in glamour style? How do you avoid overdoing it while still looking refined?

Chic unique decoration elements, luxurious interiors and, above all, exclusive royal-style creations are the hallmarks of the stunning glamour wedding theme.

Choosing a wedding theme. Exquisite glamour style

Deciding on the main style in which we want to keep the wedding and reception festivities, may seem difficult and, for some, unnecessary. In spite of doubts, however, it is worth deciding on a theme that interests us – to a large extent it will make the event easier to organise, and the ceremony itself will delight the guests in every way with its coherence and refinement. One of the most popular, and certainly the most spectacular, is the glamour wedding theme. What characterises a glamour wedding theme? It is the wedding reception, the decorations in the Church and all other elements whose common denominator is royal elegance, glamour and opulence. There is no specific colour scheme, although silver or gold are certainly popular, as well as the so-called ‘jewel tones’, which are colours alluding to precious stones.

Glamour is an integral part of a glamour wedding.
A stunning, long Ronja column-type ball gown, tailored from a unique fabric,
imitating millions of tiny crystals – perfectly in keeping with the style

Glamour creations. Ball gowns in the style of the royal family

In addition to elaborate, luxurious decorations, the most important people – the bride and groom and the parents – will certainly play the “leading role”, and all eyes will be on them. It is therefore worth ensuring that the wedding creations, correspond to the chosen theme. The key to choosing a glamour dress, not only for the Bride and Groom, but most of all for the Mother of the Wedding, will be skilful selection of styling – which will delight with beauty, chic and richness, without, however, overdoing it.

Gown for Mom’s Wedding Oksana. A gorgeous classic knee-length gown in “dirty pink”, which is crowned by a luxurious shawl with a designer floral composition in the colour of the creation.

Definitely for a child’s glamour wedding and reception, exclusive, exquisite maxi length ball gowns with beautiful classic cuts, made from the highest quality materials – complemented by exceptionally stylish accessories and details will work well.

The most fashionable exclusive dresses for Mom Weddings

A perfect example of beautiful, exquisite gowns for Mom of the Wedding for a glamorous reception would be the creations of the British royal family, led by the now considered style icon Duchess of Cambridge – Catherine or the admired Spanish Queen Letizia.
In the picture: phenomenal evening gown for Mom of the Wedding – Daniel.

Ronja’s exquisite ball gown
a beautiful wedding creation for the Mother of the Bride.






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