W czym do ślubu cywilnego? Stylowe, modne garsonki i kostiumy De Marco

What to wear to a civil wedding? Stylish, fashionable De Marco suits and outfits for a civil wedding

What to wear to a civil wedding?

Where to buy modern suits, elegant women’s outfits stylish dresses for the young lady in her 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s …? ;)Where to buy modern suits, elegant women’s outfits stylish dresses for the young lady in her 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s …? ;)

A civil wedding is a solemn moment which, apart from its traditional dimension, has above all a formal one. Therefore, although there is a lot of freedom, it is worth choosing an outfit for this occasion that is suitably elegant and corresponds to the solemnity of the office. The ideal solution, therefore, will be styling for a civil wedding, based on a fashionable suit or a women’s costume.

Kremowa gładka garsonka Trini – klasyczna, niezwykle stylowa kreacja na ślub cywilny.

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Tradition above all. White costume or suit for a civil wedding

White is a symbol of purity, innocence and happiness in our culture. Hence, for years it has been the leading colour not only for civil wedding sets, but above all for the Sacrament of Marriage in the Church. Choosing a costume or an elegant suit in shades of white will allow you to refer to this beautiful tradition still alive in our cultural circle. In addition to this symbolic perspective, it is also practical. The right shade of white will beautifully illuminate the complexion, rejuvenate it and allow it to appear more rested.

The Beautiful Koryna suit, the luxurious Channel Pearl suit, or the Fancy Muriel civil wedding suit – in a shade of creamy white (ivory). This is usually the most favourable version of white, which will illuminate the complexion beautifully.

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White Eleonora wedding suit with skirt or pants, or elegancki-smietanowy-kostium-damski Gracja, are also original formal styles perfect for a wedding ceremony

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The Vintage white dress with Leandra sleeves is a modest and timeless take on a classic style.

A modern gown with pleated sleeves perfect for a Muriel civil wedding

The Unique cream Vesta women’s costume is a combination of the avant-garde and classic De Marco style.

Beige vanilla styling for a civil wedding from De Marco

What to wear to a civil wedding? Stylish, fashionable suits and costumes De Marco online shop.

Styling for a civil wedding in neutral, muted colours – especially beiges or vanilla tones – is an extremely fashionable trend. It alludes beautifully to nature and is perfect for ceremonies both in the Office and outdoors. Gentle and delicate shades go beautifully with floral compositions – leaving ample scope for the theme of the wedding reception, the decoration of the hall or the design of the invitations.

W czym do ślubu cywilnego? Najpiękniejsze garsonki i kostiumy damskie dla młodej pani.
A exclusive beige Europa costume or a beautiful suit instyle Mila – Pearl III with a long skirt, ora delicate feminine set with a knee-length Trini skirt are ideal options for a civil wedding, in neutral colours.
An absolutely unique and phenomenally beautiful option for a civil wedding, is the beige and gold Kaliksta suit. The combination of the beige jacket with its original cut and the gold and brown jacquard inserts and pencil skirt, makes for a truly spectacular effect. A unique wedding creation for a special day.

Gold in the starring role. Creations for a civil wedding in shades of gold

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Gold-coloured creations are associated with mature style, luxury and wealth. They look particularly beautiful on women with warm skin, especially those with olive skin. It also looks exceptionally good with red hair. The right gold dress, costume or suit guarantees an exclusive and elegant look.

We recommend our gold sets for civil weddings: beautiful for wedding Leokadia V, elegant retro-style dresses  Macarena II, gold and modern sets with Miranda skirt, or delicate dresses for Heliads wedding.

As with any colour – gold, too, needs to be skilfully matched to your beauty type. However, its selection makes up for the time spent matching the shade. Gold styling at a civil wedding provides a stylish, elegant look that will delight the attendees.

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