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De Marco business styling. Elegant women’s outfits

Elegant business attire De Marco women’s suits and costumes.

The elegant Fryda women’s costume. Styling business smart in a feminine way

Business dress in its classic form, is based on a costume or suit in a subdued, elegant colour, complemented by a tasteful women’s blouse in shades of white or pastels. However, there are situations in which we can freely allow ourselves some deviation from the strict rules of the business dress code and add variety to our outfits. What is business smart? When does it apply?

The Elegant Fryda formal business costume is the perfect styling to look stylish and professional, yet casual and friendly.

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Classic pencil skirt with elegant plain blouse. Elegant business attire De Marco Online Shop.

What is the difference between business attire and business smart style?

Elegant business attire De Marco.

dress code – the basis for the most formal outfit should be a dark, possibly subdued styling based on a plain outfit with skirt or trousers. A simple, stylish blouse or shirt in white or soft pastel shades is, of course, the most appropriate choice for this type of outfit. There are, however, occasions or circumstances in which the most formal, business attire can be successfully replaced with outfits that are still very elegant, while still allowing for greater freedom in dressing.

Our wonderful client, Ms Agnieszka Malinowska, knows perfectly well how to present herself stylishly, femininely and with class. For the Fair – Flavours of the Regions, she chose a beautiful Fryda costume from our Diamond collection.

Business smart hairstyles – what characterises them?

How to dress for a company fair? De Marco Women’s Business Fashion.

Elegant formal women’s costumes, jacket sets with pencil skirt.

Business smart is an excellent idea for all occasions in which, for example, you have a representative function, but at the same time want to present yourself freely, as accessible and open to others, without creating an unnecessary impression of distance.Business smart allows you to introduce a bit of variety to the usually uniform ensembles. Suits, outfits and suits made of combined materials, muted patterns or colours other than navy blue or black are therefore suitable. For business smart outfits, the plain white shirt can be replaced by a more casual blouse with a different cut.

The Fried’s stylish costume, enables you to build a look that is elegant and professional, while at the same time emphasising your openness to others and your readiness to interact.

Agro-Wit owner, Ms Agnieszka Malinowska,
in an elegant business smart women’s costume – Fryda..

We would like to thank you, Ms Agnieszka Malinowska, for your consistent choice of our Atelier’s creations and for sharing your photos from the Flavours of the Regions Fair with us. We are proud to have such enterprising clients. We wish you and your family every success with Agro Wit.






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