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What wedding dresses for mum? The most beautiful styles for 40 year olds, 50 year olds, 60 year olds, 70 year olds part 2

Which wedding dresses for ladies 50+? The most fashionable wedding styles in pink

The colour pink is one of the most beautiful and versatile colours ideal for wedding creations, regardless of age. How do you build a fashionable and stylish creation for a wedding, banquet or gala in the colour pink? Is a pink wedding dress suitable for ladies over 50? Here are our stunning examples of pink creations for mature ladies.

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A rejuvenating wedding creation in pink for mature ladies. Elegant dress for your son/daughter’s wedding

The choice of colour for a wedding has a huge impact on how we are perceived by the guests. Whether it’s a special family occasion, a party or a professional banquet, it’s worth choosing a universal colour that not only suits you, but also guarantees a “rejuvenating effect”, adding freshness and lightness.
Pink, is one of the most versatile colours, suiting virtually everyone, regardless of age or beauty type.

The creations in shades of soft pastel pink wonderfully emphasise the natural beauty of a woman’s beauty. Our formal dresses in powder pink work especially well for mature women, 50 or 60+. Leon’s elegant wedding pencil dress is a perfect example of how pastel pink beautifully illuminates and rejuvenates the face, giving it a healthy, fresh look.

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A soft, pastel pink like Daniel’s stunning evening gown – will give a fresh, delicate look to the complexion. Such a creation will look perfect not only at a wedding, in the version for the mother of the bride and groom, but also at, for example, a charity ball or an awards gala.

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Styling for mature ladies for a wedding in shades of pink. Pink dress for Mum versus wedding theme

The colour pink is a universal colour not only in terms of different beauty types, but also in terms of the most popular wedding themes among brides and grooms. Some of the most fashionable wedding trends still include vintage, glamour, rustic or a wedding in the style of a return to nature – eco or greenery. In practically all of these, pink will be perfect for a glamorous and stylish wedding, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Pink is not only a popular theme colour for wedding receptions, it is also a colour that fits perfectly with popular themes used at weddings. Both the luxurious Sun feather dress in dimmed pink and the exclusive Gracjana II gown in a pastel shade are perfect for a wedding with a glamour, vintage or greenery theme, for example. Pink goes well with green, gold or navy blue. An additional asset of the Gracjana II dress is the possibility of detaching the silk scarf, thanks to which the dress can successfully function as a formal outfit.

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Luxurious slimming wedding dresses in shades of pink

Pink dresses and gowns for balls, banquets or other receptions, especially weddings – are creations which, in addition to a beautiful, feminine colour, are characterised by well-thought-out, sensual cuts, perfectly modelling the silhouette, especially for mature women. A well-thought-out, well-chosen formal dress, both in terms of colour and cut, will nicely even out the proportions of the body, conceal any excess weight or subtly cover up areas which, for various reasons, we do not want to expose.

The beautiful Leona formal dress or the luxurious Gracjana II – these are the perfect pink dress suggestions for a 50+ wedding, especially dedicated to Wedding Mums. The fitted, pencil cut will accentuate the curves nicely. The use of upper, removable shoulder coverings in the form of a guipure or silk shawl not only ensures compliance with the dress code rules (covering the shoulders during ceremonies in the Church or when sitting at the table is a generally accepted rule), but also allows to cover up the upper parts of the body in a stylish way, especially the shoulders, which often cause complexes with age.

The flared cut is ideal for women with fuller figures in the lower parts – more massive thighs or hips. Blush against the face adds freshness, rejuvenates and provides a relaxed and rested effect. Pictured here are our luxurious flared formal dresses perfect for a wedding: the pink Nadia II dress, the Karen formal dress, the Luna II with hand-sewn lace and the stunning Natana with stand-up collar.

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