Ekskluzywny garnitur wieczorowy na galę. Sz.P. Alekasandra Wróbel Radca Prawny, Adwokat, Mecenas w stylizacji z De Marco

Which women’s suit for a gala? De Marco’s exclusive evening suits.

What to wear instead of an evening gown when going to a gala, awards or prizegiving ceremony or an elegant company banquet? Here’s our luxurious suggestion for a chic look with trousers, for prestigious evening parties.

What makes an elegant evening outfit stand out? Elegant evening suits for women by De Marco

What women’s suits are in fashion? Elegant evening coats, blazers, skirts, suits and tailored women’s suits at De Marco. Online shop of the Polish designer Wladyslawa Frączek.

Basically, the most distinctive feature that differentiates daytime and evening formal outfits, for both men’s and women’s styles, is shine and sparkle. During the day, even at very formal and ceremonial events, shiny, glittering elements of an outfit are not very welcome and considered undesirable.For women’s evening wear, the effect of shine and sparkle is usually achieved primarily by opting for luxurious jewellery with precious stones. The outfit itself can also shine, thanks to the use of high-quality, luxurious fabrics or glittering trims, nicely integrated into the cut of the outfit.

What to wear to a gala or banquet in the evening – instead of an evening gown? Which women’s suit is fashionable?

Where to buy an exclusive women’s suit? Where to buy unique evening looks?

Chic styles with unique cuts for women with a high aesthetic level. Modern suits, exclusive ensembles with skirt or trousers, elegant coats, distinctive and eye-catching women’s suits, tailored inPoland women’s evening suit Ramona..

Although the evening dress is the most popular choice among women – for a ceremony or event in the evening, it is also worth considering an exclusive women’s evening dress or a stylish evening suit.The elegant evening pantsuit is a suggestion especially for women who feel much more comfortable in trousers than in a skirt. The women’s evening suit is also a styling option for ladies who are looking for a creation for evening events related to their professional activities. A luxurious suit set often allows you to emphasise your professionalism and competence more clearly with your outfit.The women’s evening suit is also one of the most characterful, expressive styles. It is therefore ideal for ladies who are confident in themselves and their femininity, who like to break the mould and attract attention.

A women’s evening suit is a style that perfectly emphasises the character, individuality and personality of the woman wearing it. It is especially suitable for ceremonies, galas and banquets in the professional circle. Style, class and professionalism.
In the picture: our beautiful client is a perfect example of how the Ramona women’s evening suit can be the perfect “setting” of natural charm, grace and elegance.

What is the difference between an elegant formal suit and an evening suit? What women’s suits are in fashion?

The luxury women’s suit, as an elegant outfit inspired by menswear, in many aspects concerning cut, finish – is subject to similar rules. The basic feature that distinguishes a women’s day suit from an evening suit is, of course, the colour scheme. Ladies can afford much more than men in this regard, happily opting for energetic, eye-catching colours for daytime – a good example is our Ellen women’s suit orEllen I. For evening wear, however, it is advisable to choose creations according to an unwritten rule – for evening the creation should be in darker colours, the more important the occasion, the darker the version of the creation – up to what is considered the most elegant for evening black.

A women’s formal day suit is also differentiated from an evening suit by the aforementioned sheen. It can be present through refined finishes, as in the elegant Kamila III suit or glamorous accessories, such as in the evening Laurel trouser. More often than not, however, in line with menswear, a women’s evening suit is characterised by a shimmering fabric lining the lapels of the jacket, such is the case with the stylish evening women’s Ramona suit..

A women’s evening suit for prestigious events is characterised above all by glamour. Such is the case with our Ramona evening pantsuit, chosen by our wonderful client Aleksandra Wróbel, not only a beautiful woman but also a talented Legal Advisor. The exclusive ladies’ evening suit is modelled on a men’s dinner jacket – the lapels are lined with a luxurious fabric with an eye-catching metallic sheen – emphasising not only elegance and prestige, but above all natural feminine beauty.

De Marco Exclusive made-to-measure women’s suits online.

We would like to thank Ms Aleksandra Wróbel for using our services and the opportunity to use the photos. We wish you continued professional and private success and many equally successful stylings.

A women’s evening suit, can also be distinguished by a bolder cut, more clearly exposing the neckline. Of course, everything within the limits of “good taste”.In a women’s evening style based on a luxury suit, it is also important to remember that it is absolutely mandatory that the trousers should be made of the same fabric as the jacket, with an edge finish.

What women’s suits are fashionable? Elegant evening ladies’ suits made-to-measure in De Marco Wrocław, Kraków, Warsaw, Katowice, Bydgoszcz, Płock, Jelenia Góra, Kamienna Góra, Częstochowa, Łódź, Nowy Sącz, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot, Pszczyna, Bielsko-Biała, Lublin, Zakopane, … the whole of Poland. On the web shop you can place an order and fill in a form with dimensions.






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