Kreacje granat śmietana, kolor granatowy to kolor dyplomacji i biznesowy. Garsonki, sukienki i komplety damskie ze spodniami lub spódnicą De Marco Szycie na miarę on-line

Where to buy good quality clothes? Visionary creations for weddings and beyond.

Where to buy quality clothes? Do you need an elegant set for work, a wedding for meetings? Do you have a representative function and need to look good in the limelight and in the eye of the camera? Do you want to inspire confidence and emphasise competence, high culture and style? And at the same time you are not planning to spend a fortune? Then it’s a perfect fit! We design a capsule wardrobe individually for the client, styles that can be combined with each other and accessories that completely change the character of a business outfit into a diplomatic or ball outfit.

Visionary creations for weddings and beyond.

De Marco minimalist luxury brand worth knowing. SHOP ON-LINE..

Creations in navy blue and cream exude professionalism and elegance, making them the perfect choice for the world of diplomacy and business, as well as for all kinds of celebrations. Navy blue is a colour that conveys confidence and seriousness, and when combined with a subtle cream hue, it creates the perfect combination that optically slims the figure and adds class to any outfit.

Najpiękniejsze stylizacje dla matki weselnej. Wizytowe komplety damskie garsonki, kostiumy i garnitury dla mamy i teściowej wesela ale i nie tylko.

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Exclusive Polish clothing of good quality.

An economical and ecological solution

Being a woman in office, we need to present ourselves with dignity. Styling is to be one of our tools. Investing in versatile elegant formal suits, women’s outfits and suits that can be mixed and matched with different accessories is the best ecological and economical solution. By owning a quality capsule wardrobe, you gain a much greater number of high-end styles for different occasions and look great in each of them, as they are tailored to your figure and with your preferences in mind.

Klasyczne komplety ze spodniami lub spódnicą, garsonki, kostiumy i garnitury damskie w kolorze granatowo-śmietanowym są znakomitym rozwiązaniem dla kobiet dyplomacji, polityki, kultury, biznesu, nauki.

Elegant tailored coats, trousers, blouses and women’s suits at De Marco. Order online or book an appointment with the designer tel +48 33 879 59 13

Classic ensembles with trousers or skirt, suits, costumes and women’s suits in navy blue and cream are not only a great solution for diplomatic and business meetings, but also the ideal choice for all kinds of events. Events, conferences, business galas or inaugurations gain elegance and sophistication with these stylish creations. But this is not the end of their versatility.

Women’s suits and jacket sets in this beautiful colour combination are the perfect option for wedding mums looking for the right styling for their son or daughter’s wedding. These creations exude elegance and confidence, highlighting the unique role of mum on this special day.

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Sensible shopping! Exclusive women’s clothing for more than just one outing.

Accessories make a style difference! Shop consciously and look feminine and professional.

What’s more, adding original and original 3D accessories, such as floral toppers, completely changes the character of the styling. This is an economical and practical solution for women who want to look refined at a ball or party, but at the same time are concerned about the household budget. These add-ons give a completely new character to the outfit, and once they are detached, we have a classic formal outfit for women, ideal for work and formal occasions.

Gdzie kupić ubrania dobrej jakości? Najpiękniejsze stylizacje od polskiej projektantki ekskluzywnej odzieży damskiej. Szycie na miarę dobrej jakości ubrań,

De Marco’s exclusive bespoke creations are true masterpieces of elegance, combining timeless style with a personalised fit to the figure. Every woman looks exceptional in such a style, exuding confidence and refined charm. With these creations, celebrations take on a unique character and every woman becomes the unforgettable star of any occasion.

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