Stylizacja na wesele dla mamy

Sapphire wedding styling. Fashionable dress, women’s suit or suit

Styling for a wedding for mum. Fashionable and elegant sapphire dresses, suits and suits for women by De Marco.

The colour sapphire, although unique, is often mistaken for cornflower or cobalt. Sapphire dresses or costumes are worth special attention, as it is a colour which suits all types of beauty, and styling in this colour attracts attention and appreciation.

Elegant dress from the Royal Collection – Clementine.
Great for confident business women,
who like to send a clear message, also through their styling.
The sapphire pencil cut dress will reflect the strength of character
and noble character of the wearer.

Kolor szafirowy – czyli jaki?

Sapphire is a shade of the colour blue. It is traditionally most strongly associated with the colour of the gemstone proudly worn in an engagement ring first by Lady Diana and now the wife to the next British throne, Princess Catherine.

The colour sapphire is an extremely elegant shade that blends beautifully with other colours. It is no surprise, then, that it is popular for styling, especially for elegant, formal occasions.

The person wearing the colour sapphire is seen as an internally strong character, true to himself and to the Truth, but also modest.

An exquisite sapphire set. Marion I set – consisting of a beautiful, classic sapphire dress and an exclusive coat in the same colour.

The delightful line of the pencil dress and the elegant coat, emphasise the allure and charm of the feminine silhouette. The original stand-up collar used in the coat elongates the neck, making the silhouette slimmer.

Mummy wedding styling, elegant sapphire dresses.

Who does the sapphire colour suit?

Not only is the colour sapphire considered extremely elegant, perfectly suited to refined, formal occasions and events, but above all it is considered universal – suitable for all colour types.

Both blonde, grey and brunette women will look beautiful in sapphire. The sapphire creation wonderfully emphasises the natural charm of women with delicate, “porcelain” skin and stunning red hair.

Sapphire dress for evening or cocktail set?

Thanks to the exceptional elegance that the colour sapphire carries, it can successfully be considered multifunctional, also in terms of its use in creations for various occasions.

This beautiful shade of blue with a touch of green – perfect for work, formal meetings or corporate events.

The sapphire Sirene gown from the Christian IX collection.
A stunning creation for both a wedding,
and a lavish New Year’s Eve celebration.

Ladies will also look exceptional in it, at family celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries or christenings.

Sapphire is also the perfect colour for an evening gown or an original women’s suit.

Exclusive women’s suits for weddings made to measure at the De Marco atelier.

The most fashionable wedding styling for mum.

For those looking for an original, spectacular look for New Year’s Eve – in a sapphire-coloured gown, you are sure to impress your fellow revelers!

Johana cocktail set in a beautiful,
elegant sapphire colour.

Recommended for business meetings and family celebrations.

Elegant, royal sapphire colour
combined with original lines and captivating asymmetry.
Yvonne sapphire dress – perfect for holiday parties

Sapphire wedding dress for New Year’s Eve <3 De Marco RODE styling perfect for welcoming the New Year.

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