Asymmetrical Nymph Wedding Dress

The aubergine, also known as the pear of love, is a vegetable with an intense, highly distinctive colour, which is difficult to go unnoticed. Does an aubergine-coloured wedding dress suit everyone? What to wear with aubergine-coloured outfits? Here is an outfit that is sure to impress your guests!

A dress for a wedding in the colour of love pear… i.e. aubergine.The Nymph dress – a creation created for charismatic women,who like original, bold styling.

The sensual colour of love. Red, burgundy, amaranth wedding dresses.

The love pear, or rather the elongated solanacea, is a plant characterised by its beautiful, extremely intense colour. Many women of different colour types present themselves beautifully in it, although those blessed with darker hair, eye frame or complexion look best in it.The aubergine shade is definitely one of the fashion world’s favourite colours. And no wonder. Sensual and full of hidden promises, it makes styling based on it moving and delightful. It is difficult to remain indifferent to a creation that seems to hold so many secrets.

Choosing a gown for a Nymph wedding,
will certainly draw the attention of all attendees.
If you are worried about the leg-shortening effect of the original length,
just pair the Nymph dress with flesh-coloured stilettos.

Asymmetry and love pear – the perfect duo

The Nymph Wedding Dress is a style that stands out not only for its mesmerising colour but also for its unusual asymmetrical line. The upper part of the creation is finished at the neck with an intriguing stand-up collar, optically elongating the neck and improving the oval of the face.
The bottom of the Nymph wedding dress is designed to harmonise with the unique colour, emphasising the courage and character of the lady wearing it.A belt in the colour of the dress, decorated with a jewellery clasp, completes the look.

Our wonderful client, the Honourable Mrs Mruz,in a Nymph exit dress.

The Nymph dress for weddings and other celebrations is a styling,in which one makes an incredible impression – our exceptional clientMrs. Mruz, is a perfect example!

The most beautiful red, burgundy, amaranth wedding dresses for mum and mother-in-law from Polish designer of exclusive womenswear – De Marco Fashion Salon

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