Ekskluzywne garsonki i kostiumy damskie.

Black and white exclusive De Marco costume suits

Exclusive women’s suits and costumes. Elegant business, formal and diplomatic ensembles in pepita from De Marco.

The peplite, in the combination of black and white, is the most distinctive, well-known and versatile duo that never goes out of fashion. Where did the popular peplite come from? How do you create chic, versatile business ensembles in a black and white pepito pattern to always look chic and professional? Here are the most fashionable, exclusive garments in the timeless black and white pepito pattern from Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

Elegant setstwo-piece in black and white pepita pattern, from Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

Peptones – fashionable for the ages

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The pepite pattern is considered one of the most distinctive and chic designs. Although it is often associated with fashion icons, it was found to be popular much earlier than was commonly thought. The earliest textiles found with a pepita pattern were found in the Celtic Hallstatt mine in Austria, dating them to 1500-1200 BC. Better known and described is the use of the pepita check in a woollen cloak, called the Gerum Cloak, found in a Swedish bog in 1920. Its origins date to between 310 and 100 BC.

 Elegant business, formal and diplomatic wear for socially and professionally active women .

De Marco autumn styling. Timeless exclusive suits and costumes for women.

Elegant women’s costumes with skirt.

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In England known as ‘houndstooth’ or ‘dogtooth’, in France as ‘pied-de-poule’. Regardless of the name, the ‘houndstooth’ motif has been around for centuries, invariably remaining a chic, classic pattern that is extremely popular in both women’s and men’s fashion.
In the picture: exclusive Noelia formal wear, with a black and white pepita pattern.

The peplum

Exclusive women’s suits and costumes online shop De Marco.

Autumn formal and diplomatic styling, elegant women’s ensembles.

The peplum pattern was widely used on tweed blankets in Scotland, where shepherds used them to cover their lambs. Its popularity the pied-de-poule motif owes to its elegant appearance and class. The costume consisting of a boxy jacket and pencil skirt, in peplum of course, became a symbol of style and class.
This was definitely the start of the black and white motif’s spectacular career, which continues to this day.

In the picture: designed in Atelier De Marco by Władysława Frączek exclusive extended Debora coat in the most fashionable pepito pattern.

Styling in fashionable peplite. How to look stylish in black and white formal ensembles?

The peplum is a pattern that is present on the fashion market in various versions, both in women’s and men’s fashion. It is suitable for stand-alone dresses, dress coats, jackets, skirts, as well as for entire outfits or women’s suits, which are the basis for styling.In order not to overdo it with the most fashionable pepita motifs, it is definitely worth avoiding, especially for official appearances and events, the combination of the pepita pattern with other motifs, such as lines, grooves, etc.

Fama business suit.
Professional women’s suit with the trendiest black and white pepita motif,
from Polish designer Władysława Frączek.

Exclusive women’s suits and costumes online shop of the famous designer from Małopolska. Elegant and professional tailor-made styles in the atelier of Władysława Frączek.


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