Jak dopasować marynarkę damską do sylwetki? Najmodniejsze marynarki damskie od De Marco

The most fashionable women’s blazers for autumn spring 2022 / 2023 shop De Marco.

Fashionable blazers for women by De Marco.

How do you fit a women’s jacket to your silhouette?

The women’s blazer is an essential part of every active woman’s wardrobe. It matches both trousers and skirt. It can be the basis of styling for different occasions, perfecting the silhouette in each of them. How to find the perfect jacket? How to create the most fashionable outfits with a women’s blazer?

Women’s blazer – the key to styling success

A jacket or blazer is a great styling base. Depending on the selected cut and fabric used in the design, we can create the desired impression and change the character of the whole. The right choice of material, finishing, and colours or patterns can create a formal, evening or casual outfit.

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Women’s oversize jacket

A clear reference to the classic men’s blazer, the simple women’s blazer is one of the most fashionable elements of chic women’s styling for everyday, shopping or meeting friends.

Elegant yet casual, the comfortable Lesli wool blazer in a fashionable check allows you to build a comfortable, warm and chic casual look.

A women’s blazer is an extremely versatile piece of a woman’s wardrobe.
In the picture: classic Kelsi women’s blazer.

What blazers are in fashion right now?

Elegant women’s suits with beautiful blazers with widened shoulders and a tight waistline. De Marco online shop.

Chic women’s jacket for special occasions

Fashionable women’s blazers for autumn spring 2022 / 2023 shop De Marco

The women’s jacket also definitely has its not only elegant but also sensual side. Fitted, perfectly cut and sewn from high-quality materials, it helps to discreetly hide problem areas of the body, perfecting the silhouette. Thanks to the line emphasising the waistline, it looks great both with a skirt, dress and trousers.

Original blazer with stand-up collar cut: slim

The beautiful, tailored fit of the elegant ladies’ jacket pairs exceptionally well with the business dress, creating a De Marco set in which we will look professional and feminine at the same time.

When styling a classic women’s jacket or an elegant blazer, it is important to choose the right length. If you opt for a hip-length jacket, it will look best with trousers or a shorter dress or skirt. If the jacket is longer, the dress should be shorter. Conversely, a maxi skirt or dress will look best with a shorter, fitted jacket – this will avoid unnecessary bulk.

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Elegant women’s slim jacket.

The Elegant Erna women’s blazer looks good paired with classic cropped business trousers. This styling builds authority without creating the impression of distance.


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