Styl casual damski do pracy. Sukienki wyjściowe De Marco cieszą się wielkim uznaniem wśród celebrytów i gwiazd świata biznesy, polityki i kultury. Czarno-biała sukienka Agaty Dudy szyta na miarę w De Marco

Black and white outfits for work and corporate events by De Marco

Black and white outfits for work and corporate events

Fashioning your own style

The most fashionable elegant everyday looks. Dresses, blazers, ensembles with skirt or trousers for different outings.

Black and white outfit styles for work and corporate events are a unique combination of elegance and casual style that has gained popularity in recent seasons. With more and more opportunities for promotion and more engagements in senior positions, ladies have started to look more closely for styles that emphasise their level-headedness with their male colleagues. Who, as we well know when they are pastoring management positions, don’t forget the jacket. Women are increasingly cutting themselves off from the mass trends and trying to find unique gems on the clothing market that emphasise their individual style. The sense of uniqueness and individuality is becoming an increasingly important aspect, discussed in numerous online forums.

Jedwabne sukienki i spódnice do pracy. Stylizacje casualowe szyte na miarę w De Marco

In this regard, we cordially invite you to take a look at the elegant collection of the De Marco brand. We recommend fashionable suits with unique cuts, unfussy formal dresses and skirts made of delicate silk. De Marco is a Polish brand with a luxury character, specialising in bespoke tailoring, ensuring high quality and careful workmanship.

Black and white styles are timeless and versatile, and work perfectly in a variety of circumstances. At company meetings or conferences, they convey professionalism and elegance, emphasising confidence and determination. For corporate events, on the other hand, they are the perfect choice, combining elegance with a light casual style that allows for comfort and freedom of movement.

First Lady of the Republic of Poland Mrs Agata Kornhauser Duda in a smart casual dress.

Our black-and-white departure dress won recognition and was chosen by the First Lady of Poland, Mrs Agata Kornhauser Duda. It is a beautiful and unique creation in a smart casual style. The dress fits perfectly at the waist with a profiled wide belt, which not only optically slims but also emphasises the beauty of the First Lady’s figure.

Nasza czarno-biała wyjściowa sukienka zdobyła uznanie i została wybrana przez Pierwszą Damę Polski, Panią Agatę Kornhauser Dudę.

The beautiful boat neckline and wide belt perfectly mute the rich ornamentation of the print, giving the dress an elegant style. Our dress, in black and white, looks great on the First Lady, as we can see by looking at the numerous photos of the President’s wife’s recent hairstyles.

Black and white unique exit styling for work and corporate events.

In the De Marco collection, you will find a variety of cuts and styles that will allow you to express your personality through fashion. Jumpsuits with unique details, such as unusual necklines, decorative buttons or asymmetrical elements, will add originality to your styling. Business dresses impress with finesse and detail, emphasising the feminine silhouette in a subtle and elegant way. Silk skirts, on the other hand, add lightness and chicness to your outfits.

Czarno białe unikatowe stylizacje wyjściowe do pracy i na imprezę firmową. SKLEP DE MARCO polska marka

De Marco is a brand that values individuality and cares about the quality of its products. Bespoke tailoring guarantees a perfect fit, while careful craftsmanship ensures durability and satisfaction with use. When you choose the De Marco collection, you are choosing uniqueness and elegance that will highlight your unique style. What’s more, by opting for branded tailored clothing, you can rest assured that your appearance on any workday is impeccable. Feeling comfortably dressed and at the same time looking like a leader, you’ll be much bolder in tackling the challenges of everyday life. Your styling will definitely serve as an excellent working tool.

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