Jak powinna wyglądać nowoczesna kobieta biznesu i nauki. Polskie ubrania do procy dla kobiety dyrektorki, prezeski, właścicielki,

How to dress for presentations, lectures, interviews… The stylist comments on the mistakes of speakers and journalists.

How to dress for public speaking. How to look professional at presentations, lectures, interviews, press symposia…. Women in diplomacy, business and scienceHow to dress for public speaking. How to look professional at presentations, lectures, interviews, press symposia…. Women in diplomacy, business and science

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How to dress for a public appearance. De Marco What you can wear and what you should avoid, advice from a stylist and fashion designer.

We are entering an era where more and more women are appearing on screens as experts in their fields, not just as beautiful adornments or weathermen. But, unfortunately, as we become more educated and extremely knowledgeable, we often lack the skills to effectively communicate this knowledge to a wider audience.

A woman has been raised to be a mother and wife for 5,000 years, can she now be a leader?

Traditional feminine virtues such as modesty, meekness, thrift and frugality, which have been instilled in us from an early age, while effective in achieving goals, can become a curse at a time when we should be presenting ourselves as leaders, leaders, professionals and specialists.

For centuries, it has been men who have been raised as the heads of the family, the supreme authorities to whom, in the event of a shortage of wisdom, strength went in succour. It is men who have long been trained in the art of oratory, communication techniques and persuasion because they had the right to express their thoughts. This is why it is men who still dominate the ranks of speakers, speakers and leaders. Whether they have something brilliant to say or simply want to grace an event with their presence, they can present themselves with dignity. In this area, we should follow their example.

Are women fit for high office?

Women do not lack the wisdom, knowledge and ambition to succeed. However, as long as they have no knowledge of public presentation, names such as ‘CEO’, ‘professor’ ‘president’ or ‘politician’ will continue to sound ridiculous.

Jak powinna wyglądać kobieta liderka? Stylizacje biznesowe dla kobiet na stanowisku dyrektora doktora, polityka. dress code dla kobiet świata nauki, biznesu i polityki? Kompendium wiedzy o stylizacjach

Non-verbal communication through the body and appearance is equally important and should not be underestimated. We cannot hide behind the words “this is my style” in smart clothing “we don’t feel like ourselves”. In fact, clothing is a powerful tool for expressing our competence and highlighting our style. There are many offerings of smart clothing, so we can choose something that suits our style and emphasises our competence.

Dyplomatyczny dress code dla kobiet. Co wypada założyć na wykłady prelekcje i występy publiczne.

When we are being interviewed as financial professionals or giving a lecture on quantum physics, evolution or medicine, we do not wear jeans, t-shirts, floral dresses or butterfly blouses. These clothes are appropriate for everyday life or family gatherings. They do not present us as professionals in any field. They define us as a mother, grandmother or colleague referring to qualities such as good-naturedness, heart, comfort and love.

Imagine a man, a well-known scientist X, coming to his own lectures or presenting research results in a ‘Saturday tracksuit’, short shorts or flannel and dungarees, claiming that ‘this is his style’ and that this is how he best ‘expresses himself’. Such manoeuvres are only allowed to eccentric millionaires and artists, if you belong to these groups, you can consider this article as mere malcontent and move on to the next article. ;)

ODzież biznesowa i dyplomatyczna dla kobiet. Co można nosić, a czego powinnaś unikać, porady stylistki i kreatorki mody.

The same situation applies to reporters. With all due respect to all the energetic women who spare no effort or energy to find out the truth, however, we have to admit that it is sometimes difficult to watch a given report. Why? Because the lady in front of the screen is talking about important world events of great significance, dressed in a jumper, or a jacket of the lowest order, or a cute dress with a rose print, not to mention examples of styling that exaggerate the qualities of a woman’s body. These few, but nonetheless infantile stylings of female journalists and newsreaders take the viewer mentally back to pre-school days. The viewer, in turn, eagerly awaits the riddle posed by the charming lady. The viewer has no chance to feel like an intellectually developed person who wants to get reliable information.

How to dress for public speaking? How to present your own journalistic material?

Szafirowe stylizacje dla prelegentki. Jak ubrać się jako wykładowca

Ladies, if we are talking about serious matters in scientific, economic, political fields, we have to present ourselves seriously. If we are talking about art, we need to look intriguing. The success of our presentation depends on the coherence between verbal and non-verbal messages.

By achieving a higher level of knowledge, worldview and culture, we have a duty to raise the level of our society, at every level, from language form to appearance.

How to dress for public speaking. De Marco. What you can wear and what you should avoid, advice from a stylist and fashion designer.

Jakie stylizacje w kwiaty są dopuszczalne w stylizacjach biznesowych?

Naturally, there are exceptions to every rule and if in doubt, it is advisable to seek the opinion of a professional. Just please be vigilant, because aesthetics, styling, fashion is also a discipline that needs to be trained. Therefore, not everyone who walks through a gallery is a fashion specialist, just as not everyone who has had a brush in their hand is a painter.

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