Eleganckie garnitury damskie, garsonki i kostiumy wizytowe

Christmas styling – Christmas 2021 / 22

Women’s suits and formal suits winter 2021/22

Elegant, original and modern styling for the mature woman.

Formal celebrations and parties associated with Christmas or the carnival period require appropriate styling. What works well with close family is not necessarily appropriate for a meeting with colleagues or friends in the professional field.What to wear to a company Christmas party? What festive styles will make you feel beautiful and elegant, yet comfortable at the same time?

Elegancki wizytowy kostium Esperanza II doskonale sprawdzi się jako podstawa świątecznej stylizacji.

The Elegant Esperanza II formal costume
will perfectly serve as the basis for a festive look.

Company Christmas party. What to wear? Elegant women’s suits, suits and formalwear

The expected nature of the celebration is certainly of paramount importance for choosing the right style. Even if, the party will have a less official character, it is worth remembering that it is still a meeting connected with professional life.Among closer friends present at the joint celebration, we will also have the opportunity to meet, for example, our superiors. So it is worth taking care to appear elegant and attract attention in a positive way.

The details build the styling and allow you to stand out from the crowd.
The Eduarda II exclusive women’s suit
will allow you to present yourself elegantly and with character.

A Mila jacket with skirt is the basis for a beautiful formal look for the holidays,
which will simultaneously emphasise our directness and sincerity in our interactions.

Professionalism with character

Because of the strict professional dress code, we often don’t allow ourselves too many elements that reflect our character in our clothes.Work parties give us the opportunity to create an outfit that, although professional, gives us the opportunity to show that part of our personality which we usually leave hidden.

De Marco’s festive hairstyles

A perfect base, to elegantly show your character, while respecting the place and the occasion, would be to style a classic set in subdued colours.A formal set in classic black, distinguished by high-class materials, beautiful lines and tailor’s craftsmanship, will work perfectly for this purpose.

Penelope, is a uniquely beautiful, feminine set of jacket with skirt in deep black,
complemented with jeweled buttons.
To add your character,
just complete the look with the right accessories,
e.g. beautiful red stilettos combined with make-up in the same colour.

The Ellen I women’s crimson suit is a feminine styling,
that will give us a spectacular,
and yet very elegant look.

Whichever direction we decide to go with our styling, remember that a well-considered, well-composed outfit will allow us to establish our professional standing and highlight the character traits that set us apart from our colleagues.

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